When we started IQ PARTNERS we asked our clients what they liked about our industry and what they didn’t. We got some pretty predictable answers. We understand. We’re entrepreneurs and business professionals ourselves. And we too appreciate the value of a dollar.

Welcome to IQ PARTNERS. We’re different.

We help organizations better manage their people resources and we deliver exceptional value. We operate in a transparent manner, our rates are competitive and we’re flexible in how we work. And we never forget that it’s your money.

We live by the following rules:

We commit to our results.
We work with our clients, not against them.
We always do the right thing — even if it costs us money.
If we aren’t the best resource for you, we’ll tell you — and we’ll redirect you to someone who is.

We structure our fees one of three ways:

1. Percentage

Percent-based fees are the most traditional way for us to work. Search assignments start at 25% (of annual target compensation) and discount on volume. Acquisitions range from 2-5% of the purchase price.

But percent-based fees aren’t always in your best interest! The work done isn’t always in-line with the fees that are charged and deal negotiations may be somewhat biased. To make sure we always represent your best interests we CAP our fees based on a pre-stated, mutually agreeable amount.

2. Project or Flat Fee

Project-based pricing may be a more equitable way to charge for our services. Project or Flat Fee proposals are based on the number of hours we estimate it will take to execute your assignment – taking into account current market conditions and/or the difficulty of the assignment.

This allows you to budget and manage your expenditure in advance and have a clear understanding of what work is being done and for how much.

Project or Flat Fee pricing also allows us to ‘un-bundle’ our services so that you can engage us on the specific areas where we add the most value. Further, with longer-term engagements we realize improved efficiencies and can deliver you savings of up to 50% of your traditional costs.

3. Hourly

When a project is unpredictable or a client is unsure how to engage us, we work on an hourly basis. Our hourly rates are competitive and in keeping with the professional service we provide. With our unique knowledge and specialty expertise we can usually solve a client’s resource problems better, faster, and cheaper than they can do it themselves.