Carly-Anne Fairlie

Carly-Anne Fairlie

VP, Client Services
Recruitment Specialties
Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, Media, Digital, Social Media, eCommerce, and Medical Communications.


Carly-Anne is a VP, Client Services in the Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising space at IQ PARTNERS. She has been with IQP for over five years and brings a passion for public relations, digital/social media, and technology.

Carly-Anne has a background as an Agent, Publicist, and Social Media Manager in the entertainment industry, with over 15 years’ experience in the entertainment, consumer, and lifestyle industries. Prior to launching her own agency, she spent four years at an award-winning independent PR agency in Toronto.

An influential blogger, she has been involved in numerous successful advertising and PR campaigns throughout North America. Carly-Anne’s extensive background in the PR and Media spheres gives her a unique perspective on the industry. Her industry knowledge, combined with an innate ability to read people, is what makes Carly-Anne such an asset to the IQ PARTNERS team.

“IQ PARTNERS had come highly recommended and it is easy to understand why; Carly-Anne is professional, offers great insights into the agency business and where the best opportunities are for a particular candidate. Carly-Anne not only highlighted a great opportunity but worked closely on it all the way through to a successful engagement.  She was on top of the process the entire time and made sure everything was prepared for the best result."
– VP, Marketing & Communications, PR Agency

“Carly-Anne is an exceptional recruiter who shared so much industry knowledge and expertise… I would also like to thank Carly-Anne for her warm personality and for a wonderful meeting where she was genuinely committed to working with me to create the best possible outcome for both IQ PARTNERS and myself.”
– Director, Marketing

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