Emmy Ho

Emmy Ho

Recruitment Consultant
Recruitment Specialties
Technology roles at the mid to senior level.


Emmy is a Recruitment Consultant, with a key focus on business development activities within the IT space.

Emmy is passionate about working with people, and her career thus far has been focused around just that, both on business development side as well as HR. She was an HR Consultant with a top tier HR consulting firm, where she had the opportunity to work with clients across various industry verticals. Emmy is also experienced in recruiting for technical roles, ranging from entry level to senior management. Emmy graduated from University of Sunderland with a Degree in Business Management.


Optimistic, determined, a great team player, and has a great sense of humour.


Her beagle named Bagel; spending too much time in the gym.


Spending time at the gym, in nature (parks, beaches, mountains, etc), and reading.