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Jace Ermidis

Jace Ermidis

Sr. Director, Client Services
Recruitment Specialties
Executive Search, Sales Leadership, Saas, AI, Technology, and Startups. Typical roles include CRO, VP of Sales, Sales Director, and Enterprise Sales.


Jace is a Senior Director, Client Services with IQ PARTNERS as well as our sales division SalesForce Search, where he specializes in Technology and SaaS recruitment. Jace is motivated by watching his clients grow locally, nationally, and internationally. Knowing that he plays an integral role in their growth and success is what he gets out of bed for.

Jace has been in Sales since he was 18 years old; whether it be upselling guests and building relationships in the service industry, growing his family business from two clients to over 100, or mastering his skills as a sales recruiter over the past 7+ years.

He started his career recruiting for high volume, KPI focused, entry to mid-level roles across all industries, which taught him two things: First, how to move fast and deliver high level results. Second, he learned that he relates more to, is more interested in, and is best at recruiting sales talent – because he is a salesperson at his core. Jace’s experience has given him the unique ability to spot a top performer in a pool of hundreds of qualified individuals who know how to sell themselves.

Having worked with some of North Americas fastest growing startups, as well as some great legacy brands and everything in between, Jace is a people person at heart. He truly believes that a true partnership is what breeds the best results when it comes to recruitment.

“Jace is hands down the best agency recruiter that I have ever worked with. There are a few things that set Jace apart from other recruiters. The first is his ethical and moral compass. He really looks for quality and fit, and cares about the candidates and clients immensely. He isn’t just looking for a quick close, but the right long-term match. He also has an incredible drive and work ethic. When we were launching Hong Kong, Europe, Australia and beyond, Jace took calls at all hours of the day and night. He was absolutely relentless in the pursuit of excellence, and a truly invaluable partner, operating more like an in-house recruiter than external agency partner. I am always confident that Jace will represent us positively with any candidate, and I trust him implicitly. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
- Global Talent Lead


Relentless in pursuit, has a strategic approach, and is a pro at networking, negotiation, and closing.


Get’s too emotionally involved with his sports teams, always thinks “This is Our Year!” when it comes to the Leafs, and is a loud talker.


Family, friends, cottages, football (the real kind – GO Liverpool!), basketball, snowboarding, cooking, and listening to podcasts & music.