Jenny Petrova

Jenny Petrova

Recruitment Consultant
Recruitment Specialties
Mid to senior level IT roles.


Jenny is a Recruitment Consultant who specializes in finding and recruiting top talent for mid to senior level roles in the Technology space, including Application Developers, Architects, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Directors of IT, and CTOs.

Jenny is a seasoned IT Recruiter with over 5 years of experience in the industry. She has deep industry experience working with both large-scale and boutique sized organizations, helping them fill a variety of permanent positions within the space. Jenny’s educational background in economics and HR allows her to provide quality insights into job market trends.

"[The candidate] continues to wow us with his skills and experience, and fit with our culture. A great find. We will certainly keep you posted should any other hiring requirements come up in the next while."
- Director, Human Resources and Administration

“The recruitment process with IQ PARTNERS was a pleasant experience. Jenny walked me through all the steps of the process, starting from a brief about the company til the moment I signed the contract. She was available to answer any questions I had, and gave good advice along the road. I am happy our paths have crossed.”
- Mathematician

“I'm very pleased with the service IQ and yourself in particular provided. Thanks for the mug. It was a nice surprise that was unexpected. The dedication and follow ups to make sure the process was smooth for the candidate was definitely a noticeable difference that stands out in my mind. I can't think of anything that you could have done better.”
- Senior Mobile Applications Solutions Lead

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Identifying top talent and quality over quantity recruitment.


Can be too picky.


Loves trying anything new – whether it’s axe throwing or laser tag, sign her up.