Stephen Lecker

Stephen Lecker

Recruitment Specialties
Public Accounting and Accounting Department roles.


Stephen leads the Accounting & Finance practice group at IQ PARTNERS. He started his career in Telecommunications corporate sales, selling a variety of products into the SMB market, before moving into a Sales and Operations Management role with a mid-sized company. During this role he had the opportunity to manage the recruitment process and recruited sales people across Canada. It was at this point that Stephen realized his passion and enjoyment for finding great people to help move his organization forward.

His passion for recruitment was so strong that Stephen left his position to pursue a full-time recruitment role. After getting his feet wet with a sales specialty agency, he moved to The London Group and began to focus on placement into the mid-sized public accounting industry. In 2011 Stephen purchased The London Group, and over the next several years built a small team and became a go-to recruiter for several mid-sized accounting firms.

In 2016 the London Group merged with IQ PARTNERS, allowing Stephen to grow his accounting and finance recruitment practice under the umbrella of IQ PARTNERS.

"Stephen not only assists in recruiting staff, but he takes the time to understand our business and our culture. He sends me candidates he feels really ‘fit’ our firm and have the skills to perform the job. There are a lot of recruiters out there, but not many like Stephen. He ensures that a candidate has a real sense of our organization before they even come through our doors. Stephen has developed such a great reputation around here, we have even shared his contact information with clients, which speaks volumes in itself. I appreciate the partnership that he and I have developed, and I am looking forward to continue to work with him in the future."
- Amanda Dimitry, HR Manager, Crowe Soberman LLP

“I have had the good opportunity to work with Stephen Lecker on a number of recruiting projects. In each case, he asked the right questions, took the time to understand our business needs, and we hired according to these needs and within budget. He’s good at setting realistic expectations and providing feedback that can be escalated within an organization if there does exist a gap between expectations and market realities. Hiring is difficult and time-consuming and I’m satisfied in the value of the services received. I continue to work with him, and would confidently recommend his services.”
- Director, Client Relations

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Recruiting and Business Development.




Hanging out with his wife and two daughters, collecting and listening to vinyl, cheering for all Toronto sports teams, and enjoying all the amazing art and culture that Toronto has to offer.