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Meet our Cannabis Recruitment Team

The IQ PARTNERS Advantage

6 Reasons to Hire IQ PARTNERS as your Cannabis Recruiter

Cannabis Recruitment Experience

We have cannabis recruiters 100% dedicated to the sector and we’ve worked for ABcann Medicinals, Invictus MD, Green Organic Dutchman, and MDX Bioceuticals, recruiting for roles from QA Managers to Directors of Production & CFO’s.

We Understand Growth

We work with more start-up and growth companies than any of our competitors and are a PROFIT 500 Company 6 Years running ourselves. We’ve helped build entire companies from the ground up across all functions since 2001; Internet 1.0, eCommerce, Fintech, Blockchain, Social Media and now Cannabis.

We Hunt

Unlike others, we don’t just ‘post & pray’. We go out and find not just the people on the market but the best people in the market.

Happy Clients

73.3% of our business is repeat clients.

Over 40 Recruitment Specialists

With experts in manufacturing, marketing, sales, and financial recruitment we can help growth companies build full teams.

Finger on the Pulse

With deep and far-reaching networks in manufacturing, marketing, and sales and thousands of conversations each year, we know who’s good, who’s not, who’s moving and why.

How We Help You Hire Better

We help growth companies hire faster, hire smarter and retain more.

As specialists in startup sectors like cannabis, we know that you got into this to use your talents and energy to create something bigger than yourself. But your talent may not be in recruiting and your time and energy are finite in fast-growth scenarios.

That’s where IQ PARTNERS comes in.

We have deep networks that take our calls, cannabis recruiters who are 100% dedicated to the sector, and proven candidate assessment tools like smartFACTOR™. We find the rare talent that are long-term fits for fast-growth companies (and trust us, it’s not all of them). We research the role, we call, we screen, we sell it. And we counsel you on everything from how to pitch the role to closing offers.

In short, we work hard growing your team so you can focus on growing your business.

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Samantha Rogers
Human Resources Specialist, VIVO Cannabis Inc.

IQ PARTNERS were the key to our success in hiring two exceptional candidates for crucial Director roles at our medical cannabis production facility. Randy and Riel were brilliant to work with and are genuinely passionate about finding great candidates for their clients. Hiring needs in the cannabis industry will be easily met with this dedicated team!

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