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The IQ PARTNERS Advantage

5 Reasons to Hire IQ PARTNERS

Working on a Global Scale

While located in Toronto, we have proven international search capabilities that allow us to build specialty local teams for our clients, regardless of where in the world they're located.

Unique Process

We use smartFACTOR™ – a unique candidate assessment process that helps us respond quickly with better qualified candidates in emerging technology and telecommunications.

World-Class Approach

Other recruiters sell a database. We sell a world-class detailed assessment process that helps you hire faster and better.

Growth Strategy

IQ PARTNERS is one of the fastest growing recruitment agencies in Canada. That’s insight we can put to work for your business too.


87% of our clients are repeat customers (past 2 yrs.), which means they trust us with their ongoing recruitment needs

How We Help You Hire Better

We deliver not just the best people on the market but the best people in the market.

While some recruiters simply do an electronic search for candidates, IQ PARTNERS is a direct contact headhunter with a deep database of top talent, a vast network, and relationships that go back decades (97.8% of our candidates rate our professionalism as ‘above average’). That means top performers take our calls and we bring you the people that didn't even know they were looking for a job, not just the best unemployed person on the market.

We have a track record of success in international search that includes building an engineering team in Finland, an operations team in Singapore, an SEO/SEM team in Boston and call centre teams in the Caribbean and Latin America. As specialists in finding entrepreneurial and pioneering candidates, we can also fill mission-critical positions with talent that can help build or revitalize our clients' business. Call us now to start your search.

It was obvious the team was knowledgeable of the topic and knew my background. They had done some homework prior to my telco interview.

VP - Innovation Projects, Telecommunications

This was the most detailed interview I have been a part of, with personal questions that clearly were meant to understand my personality as well as business strengths. I also was extremely impressed with the empathy Bruce showed, and the time spent with me... next time I am to use a recruiting company IQ Partners would be at the top of my list.

VP - Retail Sales and Marketing, Telecommunications

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Why are some companies easier to recruit from than others? IQ PARTNERS recruiters have headhunted over 100,000 people. We know which companies are easy to recruit from and which companies are not… and we’re sharing what we’ve learned!