IQ PARTNERS is a ‘retained’ search firm. Our clients engage us exclusively to build their winning organizations and we guarantee our results. We’re flexible in how we work and will help you to find the most effective and efficient way to engage our services. An average search requires between 150 – 250 hours of work. Service options include:

Full Service

Includes our complete search process. We guarantee our results and will provide a replacement during the guarantee period.

A La Carte

As an alternative to Full Service; clients may engage us on an A La Carte basis to execute individual sections of the search process. From research to referencing – each part of the process can be outsourced to us on an hourly or project-basis.

Partner Program

Similar to a loyalty program, for clients with ongoing resourcing requirements our Partner Program allows us to offer higher levels of service while providing dramatic cost savings (up to 50%). Each agreement is customized to your specific requirement and is designed to deliver you the best return for your money.

Contract Placement

Contract placements are typically charged on an hourly rate basis which includes a mark-up. Rates vary depending on length of contract and the assignment. Candidates will either be payrolled by the client or payrolled by IQ PARTNERS.