Introducing smartFACTORTM

The Secret to Helping You Hire and Retain Top Candidates

To help us match smart people with great companies we developed smartFACTOR™—a proprietary candidate assessment tool that plays a key role in our process. We use smartFACTOR™ to evaluate candidates in three core areas:

Alignment with Corporate Values

Values alignment is a critical yet often overlooked element of recruiting. It’s not enough to assess a candidate for skills alone. It’s equally if not more important to determine whether they are a “fit” for the organization. The smartFACTOR™ methodology requires that our clients define their key corporate values upfront so that candidates can be measured against them.

General Skills

From self-motivation and resiliency to communication and problem-solving, these so-called “soft skills” might not appear on a resume but they can tell us a lot about a candidate and their suitability for the role. smartFACTOR™ helps us achieve a fuller, more accurate assessment by focusing on the skills that employers value today and are likely to value tomorrow.

Technical Skills

An important part of any recruiting process is gauging a candidate’s ability to be successful in the job. Do they have the right technical or job-specific skills? Which skills are prerequisites for the role and which are “nice to have”? These questions—evaluated through the lens of smartFACTOR™—help us narrow down our list of candidates from thousands to a select few.

How We Do It

We bring years of experience and a disciplined approach to our process. Our clients will vouch for its success.


We complete formal briefing documents to deliver a professional presentation of your company and the opportunity to prospective candidates.


We conduct market research to source premier talent in the industry.


We interview and qualify candidates using a Topgrading interview style and present detailed candidate assessments for each shortlisted candidate.


We complete and present formal references on selected candidates.


We debrief all non-selected candidates.


We follow up on all placements at 30, 60 and 90 days to ensure a smooth and successful transition for both the client and the candidate.