What We Care About

Our Values

Better Together.

We work collaboratively instead of competitively. We partner with our clients to deliver better results – and our team-based approach allows us to help across all areas of their business seamlessly.

Belief This Business Can Be Done Better.

IQ PARTNERS was founded on the belief that this business could be done better, smarter, and with greater professionalism. And we look for ways to do so every day.

Passion For People.

People are our business, and we’re passionate about meeting them, connecting them, and helping them succeed.

Relentless Pursuit.

We’ll stop at nothing to find the right fit between candidate and opportunity.

Continuous Improvement.

To excel in this industry, we’ve never stopped learning, adapting, and growing.

Be True To Who You Are.

Our people excel when they’re free to be themselves, and we’ve cultivated a workplace culture that supports this belief.

Do The Right Thing.

We believe in doing the right thing, even when it hurts us.

Have Fun.

A Word on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion…

We have always believed in equity and diversity. Two of our core values (“Be True to Who You Are” & “Better Together”) actually celebrate individuality and inclusion. But we need to do more and continue to improve.

As a company that helps other companies ‘hire better’, we know it is our responsibility to cultivate diversity, equity and inclusion within our own organization, and to help our clients build diverse and inclusive teams. Our dedicated DEI Committee provides guidance, governance and holds us accountable to our commitments.

We’re educating ourselves on unconscious bias while working to build a more diverse team, and continuing to cultivate a workplace where everyone can succeed. Over time, we hope to become trusted advisors to our clients in promoting DEI within their own organizations.

Charities We Support