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Catherine was great to work with. She communicated effectively, was quick to respond, and very aptly balanced the best interests of both me and her client.
I've worked with Bruce and his team at IQ for many, many years. Their counsel and advice on all matters of HR and general business has been exceptional. I rely on them for honest, forthright points of view and as well they've helped us search out terrific people who truly fit our unique and differentiated agency. Culture is one of our strengths and IQ has helped us strengthen that culture over the years. Would recommend them without reservation. -Peter Shier, President
Jack from IQ reached out to me and was very easy to talk to about where I hope to go with my career. We worked together to land a job for myself that I started this week and could not be happier with. Great experience all around. Thanks!
Really, the best agency in Toronto. Great strategic advice and great candidates. This is a professional experience from start to finish. If you are building your business on talent, IQ Partners needs to be your first call. Seriously that is after 35 years, "saving money, because all recruiters are the same". That was the wrong approach. This is value for money, plain and simple. -Bryan Walkey, CEO
IQ Partners, specifically Gary and Priscilla, have been instrumental in helping our project quickly and successfully staff up a 15+ person team in a matter of a couple weeks. Their ability to communicate effectively and remain versatile as we navigated hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic has been invaluable. -Olivia Turpin, Talent Acquisition Specialist
IQ Partners are amazing to work with. Very professional and they go the extra mile to ensure they bring you top quality candidates for the role you are looking for. They have a passion for what they do and it shows. Will use them again! -Angela Fair, Senior Vice President
After trying on my own to fill positions in my team, I had the pleasure of working with Jack Kalb. Jack took the time to listen to what I needed to round out my team and presented me with excellent candidates . We are very pleased with the quality of the candidates that Jack helped us to find and hire. I have always shied away from recruiters, but Jack certainly proved to me why IQ Partners is the best at what they do! I have no hesitation in recommending Jack and IQ Partners . Thank you Jack!
I often tell people that they can do pretty much any search in the world - any function, any location - because their expertise in recruiting and their willingness to get out there and dive into unknown territory is so impressive. I'm a big fan of IQ PARTNERS... Thanks for everything! - Global Executive Recruiter
Dave provided competent applicants and was understanding to the timelines of the hiring managers. - Alana Senwasane, HR Assistant
I have worked with Gary and team for 10+ years. I have never been let down. He and his team have always been able to relieve the worry from me of recruiting excellent contractors/full-timers. I highly recommend employers reach out to Gary Hinde… they won’t be disappointed!! - Zaid Malik, Sr Manager, Web Hosting
Rhys Metler sent us several qualified candidates and we were successful in hiring one. He was easy to work with and quick to respond throughout the process and also provided reference checks. I would recommend Rhys and IQP to others in my network. - Lucy Collin, Member Engagement Manager
While it makes sense to do most of our recruiting in-house, we turn to IQ PARTNERS and Adrian Robinson for many of our senior and critical-role hires... Having built a trusting and long-term partnership with a recruiting professional like Adrian has added significant value and efficiency to this very important function for our company. - Jane Tucker, Executive Managing Director/Partner
We are a high performing organization… We are a very values driven culture, and IQ PARTNERS really gets that… they come across as a solutions provider, as a problem solver, as opposed to a trader in talent or people... I believe strongly that they would make a great partner to some of our other partners, and I will continue to refer them and recommend them. - Philip Filippopoulos
In my world, recruitment agencies approach me all the time to partner with them. It was through one of these pitches that I decided to give Ross and IQ PARTNERS a shot. From the get-go, this team proved themselves to be different. Ross would listen carefully to the requirements of the role and he and his team would actually recruit -- not recycle an old list of stagnant candidates. Ross and team always delivered and if there were ever any hiccups, they were dealt with swiftly and professionally. IQ PARTNERS and Ross are my very first (and usually, only) call when I need to partner with a recruitment vendor. - Natasha Tsagogerogas, Talent Acquisition Consultant
Adrian Robinson and his team at IQ PARTNERS have been our long-term preferred strategic recruitment partners. Why? I love their pace, their understanding of our culture, the professionalism they demonstrate in strategically scouting, selecting, prepping talents before presenting them, and sometimes discovering the hidden gems we wouldn't even appreciate on our own. They are a true extension of our team. - David Toto, Managing Director
In a very competitive market Kelly helped me with finding people for our Big Data developer team at Barclays, which we were building from scratch. She quickly understood what types of candidates were important to us, and was then invaluable in securing these for us. I would definitely work with Kelly again. - Thomas Sonader, Lead Architect
IQ PARTNERS came highly recommended to us and it's clear to see why. Rhys was professional, highly responsive and immediately understood what we required. We were presented a great collection of candidates and were able to make a successful hire seamlessly. True industry leaders and looking forward to working together again to expand the team. - Matt Oliver, VP, East Coast Sales
IQ PARTNERS is the best search firm I’ve ever worked with! - Wendy Porter, Board Member
[The candidate] continues to wow us with his skills and experience, and fit with our culture. A great find. We will certainly keep you posted should any other hiring requirements come up in the next while. - Robin Wark, Director - Human Resources and Administrations
I want to take a few minutes to say thank you for all your support during my search. You are first class in your profession and IQ PARTNERS are a highly professional organization and I have nothing but high praise for the experience and service I have received. Let's stay in touch, I might need your help with my team in London! - Maureen Meehan, Director of Marketing
I've worked with dozens of recruiters in London, on both sides of the table, and Kelly is one of the very most experienced, resourceful, hard-working and trustworthy. She's particularly good at finding candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds. She's a pleasure to work with, and would always be one of the first calls I make when searching for jobs or hiring. - Greg Detre, Chief Data Scientist
I would recommend working with Ross (and his team) if you're looking for a talent acquisition consultant who has the following attributes: Professionalism, Strong Industry Knowledge, Results driven (but people focused), Relationship Manager (set expectations and manages them effectively), Well networked (a network that spans the country).
IQ PARTNERS were the key to our success in hiring two exceptional candidates for crucial Director roles at our medical cannabis production facility. Randy and Riel were brilliant to work with and are genuinely passionate about finding great candidates for their clients. Hiring needs in the cannabis industry will be easily met with this dedicated team! - Samantha Rogers, Human Resources Specialist
I've had the pleasure of partnering with Ross and this team on sourcing a number of strategic and critical roles. He not only delivered but exceeded my expectations each time. Ross has tremendous expertise, translates recruitment needs into an effective search model based on his active listening skills, and he takes a proactive approach. He is incredibly organized and on top of things, and is just a decent and good person to interact with. I'm delighted to be connected to Ross and look forward to continuing to work with him. - Kris Amaral, VP, People and Culture
I've never had a recruiter spend so much time understanding my background and experiences to match me to the right opportunity. It was a refreshing experience. - Supervising Producer, Interactive Production & Games, Media
Kelly has helped me with a number of data scientist positions, understanding the finer details of the projects and sourcing some great candidates. I can be confident that she’s screened each candidate and never sends through anyone she doesn’t fully back for the role. She’s also lovely, clear, and upbeat to work with. - Katie Russell, Head of Data & Analytics
I recently hired Kelly Noelle to recruit for a highly sensitive and niche position within our organization. Not only did Kelly present top level candidates that fit our requirements, but she did so much faster and with greater success than the other recruiting firms we have worked with before. Kelly consulted with me through each step of the recruiting process and assisted us in making the best final decision for our company. I would highly recommend her and most certainly will use her again. - President & CEO
An absolute pleasure to work with. I truly felt that I was taken care of by IQ PARTNERS' highly professional and experienced team from day 1. More importantly, I felt like I was treated like a friend. I highly look forward to working with IQ PARTNERS more in the future to hire more stellar candidates. - Khaled Al Sabawi, Founder & CEO
Without question, this has been the best experience I've had with a recruiting firm! - Director - Retail
It has been a delight working with IQ PARTNERS to find a job which not only matched my skill set and experience, but also a position of my dreams. Right from the beginning, I could sense a personalized service that I haven't experienced with other recruitment companies before. - Luis Nishimura, Senior Developer, The CUMIS Group
I have really enjoyed the partnership with the IQ Partners team. They really listened to what we were looking for and then were able to quickly deliver quality candidates. Ross’ approachable demeanor and expertise in the industry, combined with his team’s ability to deliver, made for a great experience. - Brian Mills, Head of Talent Acquisition
Kelly did a great job in finding suitable candidates for a very difficult to fill position. Thank you for your hard work. - Senior VP - Operations
Stephen not only assists in recruiting staff, but he takes the time to understand our business and our culture. He sends me candidates he feels really ‘fit’ our firm and have the skills to perform the job. There are a lot of recruiters out there, but not many like Stephen. He ensures that a candidate has a real sense of our organization before they even come through our doors. Stephen has developed such a great reputation around here, we have even shared his contact information with clients, which speaks volumes in itself. I appreciate the partnership that he and I have developed, and I am looking forward to continue to work with him in the future. - Amanda Dimitry
Kelly is the best of the best. Her tenacious drive and determination is why I have asked Kelly to assist us in finding our "A" players all over North America on numerous occasions. She is focused, inventive and she doesn't know how to fail. Kelly has been and will continue to be my go to when we need talent. - Global Business Expert
Leaders. That’s how I would describe Bruce and his team. Their knowledge and support during the hiring process makes them leaders in the industry! - Steve Mast, CEO
Excellent support, guidance and advice, Bruce is an outstanding partner and continued to help us make informed and educated decisions on a number of strategic hiring and staffing issues. - Chris Stamper
Dave has a can do attitude. He is a pleasure to work with. He is professional and personable. I always look forward to working with him! - Eleni Skederidis
Great experience overall, I usually don’t use recruitment firms but I was definitely impressed with your model. - Supervisor, IT Controls & Support
We have been working with Rhys Metler and IQ PARTNERS for over 3 years and have had some of our top hires from his team. They work under tight timelines and are highly responsive to our requests and recruitment needs. Working with them allows us to hit our hiring KPIs, but it’s also fun. Keep up the good work! - Martin Kocandrle, Managing Director
IQ PARTNERS presents itself well, providing the client with good feedback, honesty and a good understanding of what to expect in their search. Professional team and comfortable surroundings. - Manager - Human Resources
I would recommend IQ PARTNERS above any agency that I have ever met. - Director - Consumer Goods
Dave Speiran was extremely responsive and successful in a difficult situation for us. It was very easy to work with him. - John Bordin, COO
Mark did an amazing job of taking the time to introduce me to IQ and how they are different than other headhunters… I appreciate the time that all the partners took to get to know me. I would recommend IQ above any agency that I have met. - Director - Key Accounts, Consumer Goods
In light of my dual legal and accounting background, I was impressed with the fact that I met initially with two people, one responsible for accounting searches and one for legal.
Dave Speiran was essential in closing two difficult recruits for our Firm. He was responsive, attentive and possesses the necessary qualities required to be a well-respected professional in this industry. - Lorisa Merlin, Manager
Dave Speiran is highly attentive, responsive, and quick to deliver results. It has been a pleasure working with him on our recent search. - Aggie Arlotto, Assistant HR Director
It was obvious the team was knowledgeable of the topic and knew my background. - VP - Innovation Projects, Telecommunications
No matter how complex the search, Dave and his colleagues always came through and delivered results. They had an excellent understanding of our firm culture and our requirements. They consistently provided an appropriate range of candidates. It was a pleasure doing business with them, and I recommend IQ Partners wholeheartedly for any legal recruitment needs. Simply the best! - Eleni Skederidis, HR Generalist
We've now worked with Rhys and the team at IQ Partners for two new hires and I would recommend them to any of my colleagues. They found qualified candidates and did a great job vetting them before my team met with them. They were always professional, efficient and effective. I would use their services again without question. - Sam Campbell, Professional & Effective
IQ PARTNERS is that rare breed in the contract recruitment world that knows both their clients and candidates for their short-term needs and long-term ambitions. - Director - Finance
Kelly has helped me in the recruitment of data scientists and data engineers for Quiqup. She managed to source very relevant candidates thanks to her in depth understanding of the field. Specifically, one of them rose to become a key asset to the team and the company as a whole. This for me is especially notable as data science is still a pretty ill defined field with a shortage of talents. Kelly's structured approach made the recruitment process smooth and efficient - a striking difference with my previous experiences that were slow and cumbersome. - Mehdi Abousahl, Head of Data
Dave and I have been working together on various challenging recruitments for the past several months. His insight and knowledge of the market has been very helpful. Dave gets to know his candidates' needs and capabilities before presenting, which makes my job a lot easier. I feel confident in saying that we will continue to use IQ Partners Inc. with a big part of that due to Dave and his team. - Joanne Burtnik, HR Manager

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