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The IQ PARTNERS Advantage

5 Reasons to Hire IQ PARTNERS as your financial recruiter

Industry Specialists

We maintain a team of dedicated specialists in financial services and insurance: 97.1% of our clients rate our industry knowledge as 'Above Average'.

Team Builders

From analysts to CFOs, from permanent to contract staffing, we've recruited some of the top-performing financial teams in Canada.

Relationship Driven

81% of our clients are repeat customers, in part because they value our international insight and local knowledge

World-Class Approach

Other recruiters sell a database. We sell a world-class detailed assessment process that helps you hire faster and better

Saving You Time

We save you time by pre-screening and pre-selling candidates so you see only qualified candidates interested in your company

How We Help You Hire Better Financial Talent

Our financial recruiters deliver not just the best people on the market but the best people in the market.

Some financial & insurance recruiters simply do an electronic search for candidates, IQ PARTNERS is a financial headhunter is a direct contact headhunter with a deep database of top talent, a vast network, and relationships that go back decades (97.1% of our candidates rate our professionalism as ‘above average’). That means top financial performers answer our calls and we bring you the people that didn't even know they were looking for a job, not just the best-unemployed person on the market.

Our recruiters believe the business of financial recruitment can be done better. By working with select clients in the financial services and insurance sectors, we protect your talent pool to ensure you build the best possible team. That’s all part of putting you first and changing the way recruitment is done.

Read What Our Clients Are Saying

In my world, recruitment agencies approach me all the time to partner with them. It was through one of these pitches that I decided to give Ross and IQ PARTNERS a shot. From the get-go, this team proved themselves to be different. Ross would listen carefully to the requirements of the role and he and his team would actually recruit -- not recycle an old list of stagnant candidates. Ross and team always delivered and if there were ever any hiccups, they were dealt with swiftly and professionally. IQ PARTNERS and Ross are my very first (and usually, only) call when I need to partner with a recruitment vendor.

Natasha Tsagogeorgas, Talent Acquisition Consultant, CAA

I've had the pleasure of partnering with Ross and this team on sourcing a number of strategic and critical roles. He not only delivered but exceeded my expectations each time. Ross has tremendous expertise, translates recruitment needs into an effective search model based on his active listening skills, and he takes a proactive approach. He is incredibly organized and on top of things, and is just a decent and good person to interact with. I'm delighted to be connected to Ross and look forward to continuing to work with him.

Kris Amaral, VP, People and Culture, LOGiQ3

I would recommend working with Ross (and his team) if you're looking for a talent acquisition consultant who has the following attributes: Professionalism, Strong Industry Knowledge, Results driven (but people focused), Relationship Manager (set expectations and manages them effectively), Well networked (a network that spans the country).

, NEI Investments
Kinka Family Logo

Kinka needed to partner with a recruitment agency that had the depth and breadth to hire senior positions across multiple functional areas to get ready for a significant growth phase. The IQ Partners team really got to know our company DNA, our culture, and created a professional process that allowed us to hire five candidates in Finance, Project Management, Legal, and IT. We thank them for their partnership for many years to come.

James Kim, CEO, Kinka Family
We work with clients worldwide
We’ve worked with clients across North America and worldwide, from Toronto to Hong Kong to Oulu, Finland.
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Top 5 Traits of a Financial Guru

The world of finance is changing at a pace that is difficult to keep up with. You need finance talent that can help you stay ahead of the market long-term; not someone who is here today and with your competition tomorrow. Use the traits in this paper as a checklist to assess and score candidates as you interview.

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