Ross Campbell

Ross Campbell

Partner, FinTech, Financial Services & Social Impact
Recruitment Specialties
Management Consulting & Advisory services in Executive Search and Recruitment for the specialized FinTech, Financial Services, Insurance, Social Impact, Non-profit, and Sustainability industries.


The 2008 Global Financial Crisis was a turning point for Ross; not only did he watch millions of people lose their jobs due to irresponsible leadership in the big banks, but he was almost one of them (with his wife and son at home). It created a purpose for him -- to find more responsible leaders for small to mid-sized Financial Services and FinTech firms, as well as Social Impact companies. His ambition is to help build a Social Innovation and FinTech ecosystem in North America, creating more competition for our global financial systems, thereby making services cheaper, more accessible, and ultimately improving sustainability, financial equality, and inclusion around the world.

Ross leads the IQ PARTNERS FinTech, Financial Services & Insurance and Social Impact Innovation, Sustainability & Non-Profit practices, leveraging 12 years of experience as one of North America’s top 1% of recruiters in production.

Ross is a genuine listener, relationship builder, and solution provider with a welcoming personality and in-depth information gathering approach… and has one of the most extensive networks in the industry to show for it. This paired with an unparalleled work ethic and proven track record of delivering the right fit the fastest, enables Ross to provide clients with an unequivocal recruitment experience and results.

Ross looks forward to connecting with you!

“Ross Campbell is a consummate professional who has now filled 6 out of 6 roles. In all cases, they only presented top-tier candidates… We’ve been thrilled with all of the candidates… IQP has had exceptional success with our regional recruiting...”
– Corporate Recruiter

“Ross and his agency were very helpful in identifying the successful candidate for the Relationship Executive role in Montreal. IQ PARTNERS is based in Toronto and very knowledgeable about our industry and our competitors.”
– Senior Recruitment Consultant, Human Resources

Check out Ross’ blog posts, including the popular Google for Jobs: A New Job Search Platform, and his appearance on CBC Radio – The Current discussing credit checks to screen job applicants.


Listening, building relationships, helping others, compassion, optimism, communication, organizational skills, personality, sense of humour, industry network, specialized industry knowledge, work ethic, and passion.


It is cliché, but being a perfectionist. So, being a perfectionist…and using clichés!


Enjoying quality time with his wife, son and daughter.