Some of the Recent Ottawa Roles We’ve Recruited For

Trademark Agent

Data Analyst

Associate Partner

Senior Financial Analyst

Bilingual Director of Communications

Sales Representative

Senior Product Developer

Financial Planner

Corporate Securities Lawyer

Healthcare Marketing Manager

Regional Director, Lending Services

Accounting Manager

Bilingual Insurance Litigator


Patent Trainee

6 Reasons to Hire IQ PARTNERS as your Recruitment Agency

Ottawa’s Most Experienced Recruiters

30+ Years of experience in Ottawa and over 9,000 recruitment projects since 2001.

Deep & Wide Candidate Networks

Collectively, our recruiters talk to hundreds of candidates each day. And the best ones take our calls because of our reputation for professionalism and knowledge of their industry.

Last year, we helped 259 companies hire better

81% of those were repeat clients.

We can help you grow.

Named 7 times to the Profit 500 list of fastest-growing recruitment agencies, we understand growth mode.

Coast-to-Coast Coverage

From Halifax to Vancouver and from Silicon Valley to Austin, we’ve staffed entire teams across North America. While our headquarters are in Toronto, times have changed and most of our recruiters now work remotely in offices across the country including those born & raised in Ottawa.

Specialized in Your Specific Needs

Recruiters who are 100% focused on 17 different sectors including key Ottawa growth sectors like tech, healthcare & life sciences, legal and accounting.

Recruiting in or to Ottawa

Having recruited in Ottawa for over 30 years, we know that candidates in Ottawa are great networkers and that the network is not all downtown. In fact, there are deep candidate markets in the Greater Ottawa Region at events like TechTuesday at The Marshes in Kanata. Going beyond Ottawa to recruit in Gatineau is a great way to source the bilingual candidates that our clients often need.

Recruiting people to Ottawa is becoming more important as the region’s growth surpasses its limited candidate pool. Our experience as headhunters for Ottawa has taught us that people from there like to find their way back. Whether it’s the lower cost of living and stable economy, the recreational opportunities, or simply family ties, reaching out to those born & raised there via our deep candidate networks across Canada has been key to our success in the region.

Ottawa Companies Our Recruiters Have Recruited For

Nelligan Law
Railway Association of Canada
Ogilvy Renault
Apetito HFS
Lafarge Ottawa
McCay Duff LLP
Educators Financial Group Ottawa
Lavery, de Billy
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We’ve worked with clients across North America and worldwide, from Toronto to Hong Kong to Oulu, Finland.
5 Traits of the Best Team Leaders

Companies often default to promoting top performers to management positions. The issue—just because a person is good at their job doesn’t mean they have the skills to effectively manage people. Use this guide as a hiring checklist to help you better assess team leaders and hire future organizational leaders.

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