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Priscilla Poirier

Priscilla Poirier

VP, Client Services
Recruitment Specialties
Contract & permanent recruitment within Technology, Finance & HR.


Priscilla is a VP, Client Services whose primary focus is recruiting for contract and permanent positions within the Technology, Finance, and HR functions.

With more than five years of experience as a specialized recruiter within the Technology, Finance, and HR sectors, Priscilla is lead of recruitment delivery for the Technology division. Priscilla truly enjoys what she does, and loves that recruitment allows her to meet amazing new people every day. She is thrilled when she can make someone’s day by letting them know they GOT THE JOB!

"Priscilla was hands-down the best experience I have ever had with the recruiting industry. Priscilla's standout quality in our conversations was her incredible professionalism, and in particular, her approach to communication. At no point did I feel that there was something for Priscilla to gain from our relationship--I felt like she was out to help me, and genuinely so. She worked after hours, negotiated persistently on my behalf, and was always available for correspondence. She neither contacted me too frequently, nor infrequently, and was humble in all her insights. In this aspect, she was truly a Goldilocks."
- Shamil Pokharel, Software & Mathematical Finance

“Priscilla has a great level of energy and keeps constant communication with me. She is very much on the ball and it is not so common anymore to find recruiters that truly put in an effort day by day to truly make a placement happen and at the same time be able to balance a good relationship with both the candidate and client. I truly enjoy partnering with her as a candidate and it's double the pleasure because it is through IQ PARTNERS!”
- Corporate Talent Acquisition Specialist

"Priscilla provided very professional service, was very friendly and understanding, and did a great job. I had two 'ongoing' job processes, and one of the reasons I chose my current contract position was the service that IQ PARTNERS provided. Special thanks to Priscilla and Judy, who helped me a lot during all the steps before and after I got the job. They are still helping me now with any questions I may have. I think we have a good connection and hope to continue to work with IQ PARTNERS in the future."
- Lead PHP Developer

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Relationship building.


Coffee (specifically, too much of it).


Good food, entertaining, sports, and health.