Hiring a company like ours is a subjective and profoundly ‘human’ process.
Sure, we have talented people, industry expertise, integrated HR services and a growing group of offices – but when you come right down to it most of our clients work with us for a completely different reason: they like us. This may sound funny but it’s our GREATEST strength. We’re ‘good people’. In fact, when you ask our clients why they choose to work with IQ PARTNERS, they talk more about who we are and how we treat people than anything else.

We treat people well.
It might sound trite, but we think it’s important. After all, we know an organization’s success is defined primarily by its people. And how these people are treated – whether recruited, assessed, managed, or even let go – will greatly influence the perception and future success of the company.

We care about people and we treat them with respect. Whether we’re building your team or helping you manage your own career, we will always give you honest advice and objective insight. And we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo to help you succeed. Whatever it takes, we’re committed to making a difference – in the lives and careers of the people we meet, and in the success of the companies we serve

We’re in this business for the long-term and we value our relationships. Many of our clients end up being friends. We have a unique insight into people, we deliver tier 1 service and we stand apart from the competition. We work hard, we know our marketplace and we deliver great value for your money.

Because people matter.
There are few things you can choose in this world. You can choose who you work with. We’d be honoured to have your business. We’ll work hard on your behalf. And we’ll represent your interests with pride.

Hiring your employees is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It’s amazing how many corporate leaders hire their employees simply based on ‘gut-feel’. We believe in leveraging as much upfront information and objective assessment as possible to make sure you are making the right decisions.

IQ PARTNERS can help you create formal criteria for your assessments and offer you the objectivity necessary to qualify your ‘gut-feel’. We can tell you who’s good, who’s not, and we can tell you why. And we can leverage formal Testing & Assessment tools to add even more insight.

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