Liam O’Donnell

Liam O’Donnell

Recruitment Consultant
Recruitment Specialties
Accounting & Finance roles across various levels for mid-sized public accounting firms and industry positions.


Liam is a Recruitment Consultant on the Accounting & Finance team, specializing in the public accounting sector.

Prior to IQ PARTNERS, Liam was a student at the Ivey Business School where he graduated with an Honours of Business Administration degree and certificate of Entrepreneurship. While at Ivey, he saw firsthand the complexities of traditional recruiting methods, and he knew he wanted to help make the experience more enjoyable and rewarding for both the businesses and individuals involved.

He decided on a career in recruiting because it allows him to do just that - help others reach their goals while also improving business for his clients. He is excited for the opportunity to create meaningful relationships while ensuring the best for both his clients and candidates.


Positive attitude
Trustworthy and ambitious.


Choosing a place to eat.


Hanging out with friends, golfing with my family, and watching Netflix.