Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker

Vice President, Strategic Growth
Recruitment Specialties
Business Development and Recruitment Sales, particularly in Technology and Human Resources.


Sarah is a VP, Strategic Growth for the Technology recruitment group, as well as our HR services division, AugmentHR. She enhances brand recognition in both spaces through networking, partnerships, collaboration, and building meaningful relationships.

Sarah majored in marketing at university, where she developed an understanding of the buyer’s journey and the psychological reasons why people buy. She began her career in marketing, but soon dove headfirst into her true passion of sales. She climbed the ladder in sales at several recruitment firms before finding IQ PARTNERS, where her interest in innovation and strategic growth aligned seamlessly with our own. Throughout her career, Sarah has led multiple sales teams, developed strategic partnerships, helped with a North American expansion, and acquired dozens of new clients.


Networking, developing long-lasting partnerships, negotiation, and employing innovative sales techniques.


Taking on a lot of work at once.


Spends her time going for walks, taking care of her puppy, and cooking; She has a food blog (@thelatestcook) that she works on as often as she can!