Judy Sheridan

Judy Sheridan

Manager, Office & Operations
Recruitment Specialties
Problem solving, customer service, a real people person.


Judy is Operations Manager at IQ PARTNERS, where she manages the office, HR, technology, admin staff, and dabbles in just about everything. A "Judy of all trades", she is the office go-to for just about any problem or question.

After graduating from Ryerson with her BAA (Interior Design), she set sail to Florida. Returning to a job slump in Toronto, she worked in hospitality management before returning to post-graduate school at ITI to discover her inner-geek and find a career. She found IQ PARTNERS in 2004 and has grown with the company ever since. Judy has mastered each part of the business, from accounting to tech to client and candidate communications, to moving and building. She is a versatile manager of all things in her space, an intuitive computer programmer and technician, and a creator of fun and team spirit.

Being the “Judy of all trades” is her passion. Whether it’s in customer service, training, executive assistance, career/candidate/client management, solving problems or morale boosting, she always knows what and where, when and how, and sometimes why.

"I worked with Judy at IQ PARTNERS. A very hard working and trusted person. Has great skills and a good sense of humour. A real catch!!"
- Former IQP employee

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Knowledge storehouse, versatile, creative, and a get-it-done approach.


Americanos, being clumsy (at times), easily distracted, problems letting go, and being too reliant on spell check.


Before home ownership: bike riding, camping, movies, reading, and relaxing with good friends. After home ownership: Painting, sanding, weeding, fixing, cleaning, and relaxing with friends.