An Effective Approach To HR & Operations Recruitment 

We "Get" The Importance of HR & Operations


Human Resources and Operations are vital functions in any business. IQ PARTNERS’ HR & Operations recruiters know this, and we know that having an outstanding HR and Operations team adds tremendous value to our clients’ businesses.

A great HR or Operations person is a behind the scenes star player who helps keep a business running smoothly.  Our focus is on identifying those star players in the marketplace who are not only great at what they do, but also a great fit for our clients’ businesses.

In addition to Executive Search and Recruitment, we also provide on-demand HR services through AugmentHR, a division of IQ PARTNERS.  This practice offers a variety of on-site and off-site customized HR consulting services. To learn more visit

The IQ PARTNERS Advantage


  • IQ PARTNERS are known as trusted advisers so we are able to access and move candidates that are simply not available through other firms/methods/options
  • Our clients also have access to our recruitment teams across a range of industries, and enjoy the benefits of ‘one-stop-shopping’ while working with a recruitment partner they know and trust
  • Our clients have access to on-demand HR Services and Talent Management solutions through AugmentHR, a division of IQ PARTNERS


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