IQ PARTNERS Welcome Post

Welcome to the IQ PARTNERS blog, Hello Headhunter.

We, at IQ PARTNERS, are founded on the belief that the recruiting business can be done better. We’ve been headhunters in Toronto for almost 10 years. At we’re pleased to call ourselves headhunters because we pride ourselves on our ability to find our clients the best and the brightest heads; in other words, the smartest people.

We’re dedicating this blog to putting our principles to action; helping you recruit smarter, hire less and retain more.  We will share with you our insights into the headhunting world.

Over the next few months we plan to share with you:

– Everything we know about headhunting (our little secrets)

– Tips and Tricks for dealing with a Headhunter

– Resources to become a Better Headhunter

– Our Opinion on the Recruiting Industry and how you can take advantage of the current trends

– Our insights on other industries that we are experts in

– And some of our own personal headhunting anecdotes

We’re interested on how you feel about the business; your thoughts and opinions on how to make it better and we welcome any questions you have for any of our headhunters (link to find a recruiter page).

Let’s put our heads together!