This week’s Marketing Magazine has come out with its annual 2012 Salary Benchmarks. Always a terrific issue.

Marketing asked IQ PARTNERS managing partner Bruce Powell to share his thoughts on hiring trends for the next five years.

As Bruce notes in his intro…

“Predicting the future used to be easy.

But with the economy fluctuating wildly from week to week and a host of other variables regularly surprising us, it’s challenging to know what the future holds for businesses or for salaries. Marketing’s survey tells us what year-over-year compensation fluctuations look like. But what about next year, or five years from now? What will the future of compensation look like then?”

He goes on to cover 5 trends that will impact HOW YOU HIRE in the next 5 years including

  • Salary Band Compression (the impact of the ‘silver tsunami’
  • Better Hiring & Retention (the introduction of real performance measures)
  • It’s Not (Just) About The Money (the truth about Gen Y and Millenials views of work)
  • High Demand For Natural Leaders
  • Rise of the Contract Nation


For the full article click here.

5 Hiring Trends for 5 Years by IQ PARTNERS

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