2014 Salary Benchmarks

We are thrilled to be included for more than 10 years in Marketing Magazine’s annual Salary Benchmarks publication. Salary Benchmarks cover

On newsstands now, the article breaks down who’s making what in the marketing industry and why. It includes data and salary ranges for 89 key positions, with first-hand accounts and data from 21 high-profile industry-specific recruitment professionals, including IQ PARTNERS‘ own Bruce Powell, Randy Quarin, Mark Rouse, and Maurizio Calconi. According to the article, “the result is a comprehensive snapshot of the modern marketing job landscape”.

Read on for excerpts from the article highlighting trends in the marketing job landscape for 2014.

Bruce Powell Salary Benchmarks


 “For almost two decades, the ‘digital’ trend has driven job growth.  And people with digital media experience have been able to demand compensation premiums.  This year that changed.  Programmatic digital media management has radically affected the digital media space and jobs within it – and roles and salaries are less than they were before.”

– Bruce Powell, Managing Partner, IQ PARTNERS


Randy Quarin Salary Benchmarks

“Monetization, data analysis and ‘e-commerce all-in-one’ is what is trending hot right now.  Marketing/sales candidates in high demand are those that have strong analytical skills and know how to convert visitors to buyers.”

– Randy Quarin, Senior Partner, IQ PARTNERS


Mark Rouse Salary Benchmarks

“In the agency world, very few offers going out below the VP level include bonus potential; those that do have reduced bonus potential from previous years.  The majority of those with bonuses in their current package are not realizing any bonus; some are realizing bonus near the bottom of their range.  Speculative causes are shifting client budgets, movement of accounts due to consolidation or mergers, and continuing economic volatility, which is making it difficult to forecast let along attain profit margins.”

– Mark Rouse, Partner, IQ PARTNERS


Maurizio Calconi Salary Benchmarks


“Many of our clients are seeking marketers/brand managers who are digitally savvy… If you want to be top of your game, become a digital SME.  Take risks, be a disruptive marketer.  If you believe in your product, if you are passionate about your accomplishments, then be bold.  Four years ago, people scoffed at Steve Jobs when he introduced the iPad.  ‘We have laptops and desktops. Who will want a monitor without a keyboard?’  He was fearless”

– Maurizio Calconi, Partner, IQ PARTNERS

To access the salary benchmark data for 89 key marketing positions across small, mid-sized, and large companies, pick up a copy of Marketing Magazine November/December 2014 and check out their website for more information.


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