Ross Campbell Financial Services Insurance Recruiter

10 Questions & Answers by Ross Campbell, Toronto Financial Services & Insurance Recruiter 

To help you get to know the headhunter on the other end of the phone, each month we at IQ Partners will profile one of our recruiters by asking them 10 questions. This month meet Toronto-based headhunter Ross Campbell, a Financial Services & Insurance Recruiter

1. What’s the first job you ever had?

I was a stock boy at Canadian Tire and proud of it!

2. How do you think the recruiting business could be improved?

We need a regulatory body or board to audit the industry and bring up the overall level of ethics; that’s where I see the future of this business.

3. What’s your secret in connecting smart people and great companies?

Passion for doing this business better is the key; pushing myself every day, doing it passionately, and maintaining genuine relationships.

4. If you could only ask clients one question when getting a recruiting brief, what would it be?

“How would you sell this job to a passive candidate?” It’s not the most profound question, but gives me real insight into the unique selling points of the position and company, and that’s what matters. Now I can answer well when a candidate asks, “Why would I want this job?”

5. Who are your heroes in business?

Jim Collins. He’s one of the most prolific business writers of all time – an incredible visionary and leader. Truly inspirational.

Relevant Jim Collins Quote For Headhunters

6. What question should every candidate ask when a headhunter calls?

A candidate should always ask the headhunter, “What makes you unique?” In my opinion, I should have to sell myself to a passive candidate.

7. What trait do you most like to see in a job-seeker?


8. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen in an interview or on a resume (no names please)?

I once interviewed a candidate who had body odour so bad that I had to cut the interview short, apologize and fib that something had come up, and leave the room. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Nice person but not a fit.

9. What’s the one quality companies should look for when hiring a headhunter?

First and foremost the ability to deliver on a search, but also the gut feeling when you ask yourself, “Do I trust this person?”

10. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Maintaining faith, love, and hope.

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Ross Campbell Toronto Recruiter

Ross Campbell

Ross Campbell is a Partner and Practice Lead, Financial Services & Insurance with IQ PARTNERS. Celebrating over 10 years of management consulting experience in executive search, recruitment, and training in Canadian financial services and insurance companies, Ross thrives on the belief that business can be done significantly better by investing in the right people.

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