ChatGPT (and Google Gemini and other AI tools) have exploded onto the scene in the last couple of years. AI tools have quickly become commonplace in many industries, including recruitment. They’ve proven to be valuable tools for both job candidates and recruiters alike. How many have you tried out? 

Our Toronto recruiters have already written quite a bit about how job candidates and employers can leverage ChatGPT during the recruitment process. It’s certainly a useful tool for many tasks if used correctly. 

Another effective way I’ve identified that ChatGPT can help with recruiting is by assisting with the job description writing process. You can use these tools to create a strong draft you can work from to create an engaging and enticing description that will attract top-level candidates IF you use the right prompts. Below, I discuss the use of ChatGPT for job descriptions and provide a list of prompts you can use. 

How do strong ChatGPT prompts improve AI-written job descriptions?

Not all AI content is high quality. As they say, you get out what you put into something. This applies directly to the quality of prompts you use to generate content from ChatGPT and other AI tools. Using carefully constructed prompts with ChatGPT will result in higher-quality job descriptions. When done well, prompts can extract specific details and improve the accuracy and quality of job descriptions. 

What are the most common prompts people ask ChatGPT when writing a job description?

Since we are discussing the best prompts for writing a job description, let’s put ChatGPT to the test. What better than to ask the source itself to see how people are using it? So, I asked 

ChatGPT to provide a list of the most commonly used prompts people use to assist with writing job descriptions. Here are some common prompts:

A List of Prompts I Can Use To Create A Job Description

  1. “Could you provide a job description template for a [specific role]?”
  2. “What are the key components to include in a job description for [specific job title]?”
  3. “Can you suggest some examples of effective job descriptions for [specific industry]?”
  4. “How do I write a job description that attracts the right candidates for [specific job role]?”
  5. “What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing job descriptions?”
  6. “Could you help me optimize my job description to improve candidate engagement?”
  7. “What are the best practices for formatting a job description?”
  8. “How can I ensure my job description is inclusive and free from bias?”
  9. “Can you provide tips for writing compelling job descriptions that stand out to potential candidates?”
  10. “What should I emphasize in a job description to accurately reflect the company culture and values?”

These prompts cover a range of topics related to crafting effective job descriptions, from structure and content to inclusivity and appeal to candidates. Some prompts offer advice and provide direction.

The key takeaway when creating prompts is to be as specific and detailed as possible. The more information you provide ChatGPT, the more accurate and specific content you’ll receive from the tool. 

What are the limitations of relying on ChatGPT for writing job descriptions?

Although ChatGPT can make it easier to write job descriptions, it has its limitations. A significant challenge is its inability to disclose information sources. This lack of transparency may result in users feeling uncertain about the reliability of the provided information. ChatGPT can also generate biased or problematic content, underscoring the necessity to proceed with caution. Don’t rely on ChatGPT to write job descriptions without human review and revision of the content. You’ll need to apply your branding, voice, and specific details for the role.


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