Writing top-quality job descriptions can make a significant difference in the type of job candidates you attract. Therefore, it’s essential for hiring managers to put in the time and effort to write great job descriptions. 

But the problem is that most don’t have the time nor do they enjoy writing them. ChatGPT and other AI writing tools have become viable solutions to remedy this. But you need to know how to use them to get the best result. Below, our software recruiters in Toronto provide you with some actionable tips for how to use ChatGPT to help you write job descriptions.

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It’s All In The Prompt

The prompts you use will shape the type of information ChatGPT will output. So, a great starting point is to think of how ChatGPT can help you. 

  • Do you need it to guide you? 
  • Create a template? 
  • Suggest job titles or responsibilities?
  • Edit or expand on what you already have?

Once you’ve identified what you need from the tool, you can then start to prompt it in the right way. 

Lay The Groundwork for ChatGPT

Provide as much background information as possible to help ChatGPT understand your situation and what you want to achieve. Provide details about your company, industry, the type of job you are hiring for and what your ideal candidate looks like. 

Ask ChatGPT To Create A Template

Not sure what you want your job description to look like? Don’t have an existing format you want to follow? Ask ChatGPT to create a template. Tell it the information you want to include and the type of formatting you want to use. Once you are happy with your template, you can then start to input the information you want the job description to include. 

Provide Information About The Job

Define the Position: Begin by clearly defining the role. What are the key responsibilities and tasks associated with the position? What skills and qualifications are necessary?

Ask for Suggestions: Use ChatGPT to ask for suggestions on key elements of the job description. For example: “Can you suggest key responsibilities for a [job title] position?” Or “What are some important skills and qualifications for a [job title]?”

Refine Language: Share a draft of your job description and ask ChatGPT for help refining the language. For instance: “Can you help me make the language in this job description more compelling?”

Incorporate Keywords: Ensure that your job description includes relevant keywords to attract the right candidates. ChatGPT can help suggest industry-specific terms or phrases. You can give it a list of keywords that you need to include in the description. 

Check for Clarity and Conciseness: Make sure the job description is clear and concise. Ask ChatGPT for advice on simplifying complex sentences or improving overall readability.

Review The Job Description 

After incorporating suggestions from ChatGPT, carefully review the job description. Ensure that it accurately represents the role and reflects your company’s values.

You can also use ChatGPT to review your job description for any potential bias. It’s essential to create a fair and inclusive description that attracts a diverse pool of candidates. Ask ChatGPT for guidance on how to make your job description more inclusive and appealing to a diverse range of candidates.

Once this is complete, have other people on your team perform a final review before publishing your job description online. 

Using ChatGPT to help you write a job description can be a useful way to generate ideas, refine language, and ensure that your job posting effectively communicates your expectations. Remember to tailor the job description to your specific needs and industry standards. While ChatGPT can provide valuable insights and suggestions, the final output should align with your company’s voice and culture. Always human edit and customize all copy you generate using AI. 


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