ChatGPT and AI have certainly owned the headlines over the past few months. Everyone is talking about it, what it can do, and how it could potentially affect how we work.

Are you nervous about losing your job to AI? There are a lot of people that are, especially those in technology, marketing, and other industries. But just like many other innovations of the past that “threatened” people’s jobs, it’s not about replacement. It’s more about change and learning how to integrate AI and other technologies into the work you already do.

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Top Skills AI Can’t Replicate

While AI may be able to spit out answers to questions, compute complex equations, code, and perform many other functions, humans still need to guide and shape the outputs of this technology. Someone needs to be the gatekeeper. In this sense, a lot of jobs will shift in focus. Many roles will shift from production to editor or management of outputs. Emphasis will be taken away from time-consuming and repetitive tasks. People’s energy will be shifted to allow them to get the most out of their innate talents.

As noted in These Leadership Skills Can’t Be Replicated By AI, there are still many skills companies value that cannot be replicated by AI. Some of the most notable are:

  •         Creative thinking
  •         Analytical thinking
  •         Idea creation
  •         Leadership
  •         Entrepreneurship
  •         Collaboration
  •         Problem-solving

Expect Greater Focus On Specialization And Specialized Skillsets In The Coming Years

According to the World Economic Forum The Future of Jobs Report 2023, more than 75% of companies are looking to adopt AI and other technologies into their business operations within the next 5 years. Therefore, you can expect AI to disrupt the labour market. In-demand skills will change.

Those with AI and machine learning skills and experience will be in demand. There will also be a big shift for candidates and companies. Candidates will need to learn how to work with AI and companies will need to invest in employee training. Among companies surveyed, 42% of organizations plan to prioritize this type of training.

AI is not going anywhere. But you don’t need to be fearful of it. Embrace it and learn how you can use it in your job to adapt to this change over the next few years.


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