It has been a tough end to 2022 and a rough start to 2023 for people in the tech industry. There have been thousands of layoffs in the industry, many of them coming from tech giants like Google, Meta, Amazon, and Microsoft. 

But these companies are not the be-all and end-all for tech workers looking for employment. If you talk with technology recruiters and do a little digging, you’ll find there are still lots of jobs for tech talent, but maybe not with the biggest names in the industry. If you want to find tech jobs today, you’ll need to think outside the “Google” box and diversify your job search strategy. 

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There are a lot of opportunities for tech workers in non-tech industries

The number of job posts looking for people with technical skills in non-traditional technology markets is on the rise. It’s no secret that the use of technology in all industries only continues to grow. So, there is an inherent need for people to have better tech skills to meet the changing needs of how businesses operate. Retail is a perfect example of this. Companies continue to change how they do business and improve the digital side of their business. This requires tech talent. 

According to research from Bain & Company in the US, tech job posts are growing at a faster pace in non-tech industries:

  • 10% non-tech industry quarterly growth rate since Q4 2020
  • 5% tech industry quarterly growth rate since Q4 2020

Our tech recruiters are seeing a similar trend in Canada. There are increasing opportunities for tech professions in adjacent industries and other fields. 

Tech skills in high demand

According to research from Bain & Company in the US, demand remains high for critical technology skills. The following reflects the demand increase for these skills from Q4 2020 to Q3 2022:

  • Web3: 237% increase
  • Artificial intelligence/machine learning: 108% increase
  • Data science: 84% increase
  • Cloud computing: 78% increase
  • Cybersecurity: 71% increase
  • Customer success: 70% increase

What does this mean for technology workers?

Even though there have been layoffs and many companies in tech have put hiring on hold for the time being, there are still lots of opportunities to be had. You just may need to consider non-traditional opportunities. Your skills are still in demand and the work is there. It may just take a little more time and you may need to search a little harder to find a job. 


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George Good

George Good is a Recruitment Consultant on the Technology team with a background in tech recruitment within different European markets. He now works in all areas of the contract and perm tech recruitment space here in Canada.

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