Are you planning to continue your job search over the holidays? Most people assume that it’s not worth their time. They assume companies are winding down for the year and putting off hiring until January. While this is true to some extent, many other companies look to this slower time of the year to get a leg up on hiring the best talent available. 

toronto recruiters should you bother to job search over the holidays


Caroline Castrillon from Forbes explains why the holidays are a good time to look for a job:

“While some organizations slow down their hiring, others increase hiring during the holidays. This is especially true for the retail, e-commerce and food and beverage industries. Even if the position is temporary, it could pave the way for a full-time role. Let’s say a permanent job becomes available, and you have a positive relationship with your boss. Chances are that your name will rise to the top of the list. Also, many managers have hiring objectives they must hit before the end of the year. If they risk losing that headcount, there will be more pressure to extend job offers before the year ends. In that case, you might even benefit from an accelerated interview timeline.”

Our Toronto recruiters continue to work through December and we are seeing more companies hire during this time of the year. Here are some top reasons to keep your search going:

There Is Less Competition

Many job seekers take a break during the holidays, assuming that hiring activities slow down. This creates an opportunity for you to stand out in a smaller pool of applicants. So looking for a job now increases your odds of getting an interview. 

Year-End Hiring Budgets Need to be Filled

Some companies have hiring budgets that must be utilized before the end of the fiscal year. They may actively seek new employees during the holiday season to ensure they use their budget. 

Companies Are Preparing for January Hiring

The end of the year is often a reflective period for companies. They may be evaluating their current staff and considering new hires to meet upcoming challenges or goals.

Many companies start the hiring process in January. By actively job searching during the holidays, you position yourself ahead of the curve, ensuring that your application is in the pipeline when companies resume their regular operations.

There Are Many Contract and Seasonal Opportunities

Some companies hire temporary or seasonal staff to handle increased holiday demand. These roles might transition into permanent positions or provide valuable experience for your resume. So, even if you don’t find your ideal job, you can still do something to improve your candidacy and build up your resume. 

While job searching during the holidays can be beneficial, it’s crucial to balance your efforts with enjoying the season and taking care of yourself. Use the time wisely, stay persistent, and leverage the unique opportunities that the holiday season presents for your job search.


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Danielle Bosley Toronto Recruiter

Danielle Bosley

Danielle is a Recruitment Consultant with our Accounting and Finance team, primarily focused on placing talent with mid-sized public accounting firms. Danielle has five years of experience in the recruitment industry, starting out as a recruitment coordinator and growing into a recruitment and candidate sourcing specialist.

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