Why You Should Still Job Search During the Holidays

December 4th, 2018

By Mary MacArthur, Toronto Technology Recruiter

The holiday season has officially arrived. For many of us, this means less focus on work and career and more focus on spending time with family, friends and enjoying the holiday festivities. But, if you are determined to make a career move now or early next year, the holiday season is a great opportunity to continue your job search.

Myth – Hiring Managers Don’t Hire Over the Holidays

One of the biggest misconceptions is that companies stop hiring once December rolls around. This is not true. If a company has a hiring need, the hiring manager will attempt to fill it, regardless of the date on the calendar. Giving up your search in December could cause you to miss out on a great opportunity, so keep the pedal down on your job search over the holidays.

Why You Should Still Job Search During the Holidays

Holiday job search

Still on the fence about putting time into your job search this holiday season? Here are some reasons why you should keep looking:

  • Less competition: There are a lot of people who buy into the myth that hiring managers stop hiring during the holidays. This means less competition for those who keep looking for new opportunities.
  • Business as usual: For most companies, it’s business as usual during the holiday season. For many, it’s also the peak time of the year. Hiring new team members to fill open positions is still very important this time of year.
  • Great networking opportunities: With so many social gatherings and events happening this time of year, it’s an ideal opportunity for job seekers to connect with colleagues and others who can help you during your job search.
  • Keep the momentum going: If you shut down your search during the holidays, you could lose your momentum and motivation once you try to get back at it in the new year. Keep the search going, even if you are spending a little less time searching. It’ll be time well spent.
  • Use time off to your advantage: If you have some extra days off at your existing job, use them to put more time and effort into your job search.

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Mary MacArthur

Mary is responsible for recruitment activities within the IT space, where she works as part of a larger team to ensure that all clients are fully serviced with high quality candidates. A native Montrealer with a background in Communications from McGill University, she began her career in newspaper ad sales. She has now found her home in executive search and recruitment, where she’s able to leverage her bilingual and international experience to help her find the best candidates for her clients.