As a recruitment agency in Toronto with decades of experience, we’ve seen how the importance of education and its relation to high-paying jobs has changed. Now more than ever, companies are looking at more than the school you attended and the degree you have when assessing candidates. There is an increasing number of high-paying jobs that no longer require you to have an advanced degree. People are using other channels to gain experience and educate themselves. And they are also making more than $100,000 per year.

recruitment agencies toronto high paying jobs that don't require a degree


We recently came across an article on that outlines some great paying careers that didn’t require a degree.  Below, we outline these high-paying jobs that don’t require a degree:

Real Estate Agent

To work in real estate, you are required to pass the licensing exam in your area. You can get your certification in a few months. There is significant earning potential, but you’ll face stiff competition.

Marketing Manager

Marketing and all marketing-related fields continue to change at such a high pace that you must constantly add new skills and knowledge to keep up. To have success in marketing, you have to prove what you can. Many marketing managers and professionals add credentials and professional certifications as they gain more experience in the industry. Its definitely a field where you can learn by doing and build your portfolio.

UX Designers/ App and Web Developers

To work in UX, app or web development you require a specific technical skill set. You’ll need to understand and write code and have the necessary certifications. But many of these skills and coding knowledge can be self-taught. A strong portfolio of work can open the door to a high-paying job.

Air Traffic Controller

This one is a bit of a surprise to many. But if you want to work as an air traffic controller all you need is a high school diploma, completion of the NAV Canada training program and an air traffic controllers licence.

This list only scratches the surface of the high-paying career opportunities that exist, even if you don’t have a degree. There is no question that many people in these roles have a degree, but it’s no longer a must that you have a specific degree to make good money in your career.

There are many other career paths where you can gain experience and work your way up through the ranks to a high-paying job – construction, skilled trades, sales, and many others.

If you have extensive experience and specialized skills but don’t have a degree, consider working with our recruiters in Toronto. We’ll help match you to the right organization.


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