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By Senior Partner, Randy Quarin

There has never been so much online content to choose from and only so many hours in a day.  To help you cut through the noise, I’ve compiled a list of the top 4 HR leaders you should start following, my favourite posts, and how to follow them.

1. Liz Ryan

Liz Ryan top HR leaders
CEO and Founder of Human Workplace

What’s so great about her

Liz Ryan uses cartoons, Q&A, and humour in her posts which focus on treating workers like the human beings they are.  An ex-Human Resources SVP, she writes to “bring life to work and bring work to life”. this-box-is-too-small

Favourite post

I’m On Disciplinary Probation – Now What?

Where can I find her stuff?

Liz writes for Huffington Post, Business Week, LinkedIn, the Harvard Business Review, the Denver Post, and


2. Lou Adler

Lou Adler HR thought leaders to follow
CEO, best-selling author, creator of Performance-based Hiring

What’s so great about him

Lou Adler has made a science out of hiring, and all of his writing centers around what he’s learned: companies need to screen and hire people based on their performance and results, not their skills and experiences.

Favourite post

The Theory of Hiring

Where can I find his stuff?

Lou is a regular columnist for Inc. Magazine and Business Insider, has published several best-selling books, and offers training programs to teach performance-based hiring.


3. J.T. O’Donnell

JT O'Donnell HR leaders to follow

What’s so great about her

J.T. O’Donnell is a career strategist and workplace consultant with a goal to help workers find greater professional satisfaction.  She is the founder of CAREEREALISM, an online career advice and job search magazine.

Favourite post

5 Reasons Why Job Seekers Line Up For Your Culture

Where can I find her stuff?

On her website CAREEREALISM and LinkedIn Pulse.


4. Evil HR Lady

Evil HR Lady HR leaders you should follow

What’s so great about her

Evil HR lady (Suzanne Lucas) is a blogger/advice columnist.  After spending 10 years in corporate human resources, she’s now on a mission to demystify the dreaded HR department.  She describes why on her blog,

“All HR people are evil, it’s in our job description. Or at least, that seems to be the prevailing theory. In reality, there’s just more going on behind the scenes than most people know. I’m here to demystify your Human Resources department and tell you just why you worked your tail end off all year and still got a 1.7 percent bonus.”

Favourite post

10 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job

Where can I find her stuff?

Suzanne writes for several online magazines, including Inc., CBS MoneyWatch, and Comstock, her Evil HR Lady blog, and is very active/interactive on Twitter (@RealEvilHRLady).


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