Ross Campbell Financial Services Insurance Recruiter
By Ross Campbell, Toronto Financial Services & Insurance Recruiter

Everyone wants to be that rockstar job candidate whom the top companies in the industry are fighting over. We want to be sought after; we want to be a big deal. But, if you want to get to this point in your career, you need to go above and beyond if you want to stand out among the hundreds or even thousands of other finance job candidates who want to work for the same company and get the same jobs as you.

How to Become a Rockstar Finance Job Candidate

Rockstar job candidate

Most people are familiar with the characteristics of a being a good job candidate – you need to have strong business acumen, a good academic background, excellent soft skills and a high degree of motivation. This is only the start if you truly want to be an exceptional job candidate.

Here are some headhunter approved tips to get an edge over others in the industry:

1. Get started now: Whether you are still in school, just starting your career or looking to make the leap to the executive level, now is the time to put the wheels in motion. Even if you are not currently looking, it’s important to do everything you can to start moving toward your career goals.

2. Have a SPECIFIC career plan: Where do you want your career to take you? Which companies do you want to work for? Which job titles are on your radar? Establishing a plan helps you figure out your next steps and plan your career moves accordingly.

3. Get to know people in the industry: The more people you know in the industry, the better. Get to know your classmates, teachers, colleagues and company business leaders. Attend networking events, conferences and social events. The more you get yourself out there, the better you will be known in the finance industry.

new job

4. Publish/blog: Getting published and writing for industry publications is an effective way to get yourself out there and develop a great reputation. You can start with a blog, write about what you know, and look for opportunities to be published online and in print.

5. Work on your personal brand: Who are you as a finance professional? What is your area of specialization? What are your principles and outlook on industry issues? Personal branding plays an important role in today’s job market. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, be active on social media, and work on creating awareness for your personal brand online.

Becoming a Rockstar job candidate doesn’t happen overnight. It happens when you put the time and effort into your craft, are persistent, and you put your best foot forward at all times. If you are looking to take the next step in your finance career, take a look at our current job openings and consider contacting our Accounting and Finance Recruitment Specialists to assist you with your search.


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Ross Campbell Toronto Recruiter

Ross Campbell

Ross Campbell is a Partner and Practice Lead, Financial Services & Insurance with IQ PARTNERS. Celebrating over 10 years of management consulting experience in executive search, recruitment, and training in Canadian financial services and insurance companies, Ross thrives on the belief that business can be done significantly better by investing in the right people.

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