How much money do you make? Would you say you are being fairly compensated compared to others in the same role? This is important information to know. If you are not sure, you could be underpaid and be leaving money on the table. The good news, is there are several ways you can find out if you are being fairly paid.

I asked our Legal recruiters to curate a list of the ways professionals and job candidates can research compensation information. Here are the best ways to find out if you are fairly compensated:


GlassDoor is one of the top sites online where you can compare salaries. A quick search here can give you some insights into the salary range you can expect. 

You can search for salary information by job title, company, keyword, and location. 


PayScale offers insights, compensation trends and information about how much money you should be making. You can search for salary by employer, education, certification, degree, skills, location, job, and industry. 


LinkedIn can provide you with a wealth of knowledge about your career and earning potential. You can connect to professional communities and other professionals in your industry to get your questions answered about compensation. 

Government of Canada Job Bank

The Canadian Job Bank site is a top resource to compare compensation and get salary information based on the National Occupation Classification (NOC). Once you find your job category you can compare wages by job title, city or postal code. The site will show you salary ranges based on your province. 


If you are questioning if you are being paid enough, the odds are you’re also considering a career move. Recruiters can be a significant asset to ensure you find a job that offers fair pay based on your experience. 

A Note On Comparing Salary Ranges

No two people are exactly alike. So, it’s important to consider the following when assessing if you are being paid fairly:

  • Location
  • Experience 
  • Responsibilities
  • Unique skills
  • Specializations
  • Academic background

All of these factors can impact how much money you make. 

Thinking about making a move? Want to know how much money to ask for? Reach our to our recruiters to see if we can connect you to the top employers in your area. 


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Melissa Hansen Legal Recruiter

Melissa Hansen

Melissa is a Director, Client Services with the IQ PARTNERS Legal Recruitment team, specializing in legal positions (Assistants, Clerks, Lawyers, and other support staff) in both law firms and in-house legal departments, as well as HR positions (Generalists, Business Partners, Senior Leaders and Recruiters) across industries.

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