Everyone wants to feel valued. They want to feel appreciated for the work they do… after all, they are playing a role in your company’s overall success. When you show your employees they are valued, they will help your business thrive.

do not feel valued at work

If your people do not feel valued at work it can have an impact on culture, performance, and they are more likely to quit.


Research has found that 66% of employees say they would “likely leave their job if they didn’t feel appreciated.” This number is even higher among millennials. 76% said they would leave. Showing appreciation is not just a good thing to do; it plays a key role in helping keep your people feeling valued and engaged.

Signs Your Employees Do Not Feel Valued

Here are some sure-fire signs an employee may be feeling undervalued:

  • They have lost interest in projects
  • You notice a change in their energy level
  • They show resistance to change and new things
  • There is a dip in productivity
  • Change of attitude

3 Lessons on How to Make Employees Feel Valued

So, how do you make your employees feel valued? Follow these lessons:

  1. Show respect: People feel valued when they are included. Make everyone feel as though they are valued members of the team. You can do this by asking employees’ opinions, giving them the space to do their job, and showing trust in their abilities.
  2. Give credit when it’s due: People want recognition for their efforts. Recognize when an employee follows desired behaviours and achieves positive outcomes. Give them credit when it’s due, celebrate wins, and show your appreciation for their efforts. Saying “thank you” can have a huge impact on how valued a person feels at work.
  3. Foster a culture of value: It’s important to build a culture rooted in value. Show your employees appreciation from day one. Expect all employees to have respect for one another. Create an inclusive environment where collaboration is welcome. Appreciation is important – build it into how you do business.

Employees who feel valued have more loyalty to their employer. If your employees are not feeling valued, it’s time to change this, or you could end up losing them.

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