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IQ PARTNERS’ Founding Partner, Bruce Powell, was recently interviewed by the Financial Post for an article on culture fit in hiring. The article discusses the importance of hiring for culture fit and some tips and strategies that top companies are using. You can read the full article here:

Bruce Powell - Financial Post - Recruitment Chemistry

In the article Bruce Powell provides his expert opinion as a Toronto based, Executive Search and Marketing Recruiter.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

On Focusing On Shared Values

Powell advises focusing recruitment efforts on shared values, explaining, “‘You can allow for a disparity in operating styles if you have that. But you have to dig deep to figure out what values are important to you and the candidate.’

He recommends starting with a multi-level internal cultural assessment. Once that’s established, recruiters can then create a three to four-point scale scorecard to measure individual candidates’ alignment with those values.”

On Interviewing for Culture Fit

“When it comes to interviews, it’s about meeting more times, not less, Mr. Powell says. ‘A lot of hiring happens in two or three meetings; but sometimes you need more meetings with more faces to make sure everyone is on the same page. And I don’t mean just interviews. Sometimes it can be over a cup of coffee.’

While formal interviews have their place, they tend to be false environments, he adds. ‘If a person performs really well, it could mean they interview a lot which may be telling. Those who perform poorly may only interview once every five to six years, which can actually be a good sign.’”


Make sure to read the full Financial Post article and check out our blog posts from Toronto Headhunter Bruce Powell.

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