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Are You A Cannabis Candidate? Key In-Demand Skills in the Booming Canadian Cannabis Industry

March 22nd, 2018

By Phil Frappier, Toronto Cannabis Recruiter 

The cannabis industry is on a hiring spree. Recruiters are blazing new trails and helping cannabis organizations find and hire the best talent available.

If you are looking for work in the industry, there are plenty of opportunities. Companies are in need of people with all skill types and experience. They need people to assist with production, distribution, sales, marketing, and at the leadership level.

An industry that was once ostracized is now an intriguing career opportunity for top-level talent from many of Canada’s more traditional industries.

People are less concerned about the stigma and are now more focused on the opportunities presented by the industry. There is no shortage of hype, and expectations are sky high.

What Skills Are Canadian Cannabis Companies Looking For?

Are You A Cannabis Candidate? Key In-Demand Skills in the Booming Canadian Cannabis Industry

Cannabis companies are operating just like any other company. At its core, they are production and distribution organizations. They are similar to any other food or beverage company. They grow the product, package it, distribute it and see it to the general public.

Therefore, knowing how to grow pot and having a detailed understanding of cannabis is only one of the many skills and knowledge areas companies are seeking in candidates.

There is a large swath of transferable skills that stem from supply chain, logistics, products, wholesale, retail, and many other industries.

Some of the key skills hiring companies are seeking include:

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Presentation

Some of the technical skills are analytics, scientific research, IT, and experience working with mechanical equipment.

Tips to Get a Job in the Marijuana Industry

marijuana jobs

Securing a job in the up and coming cannabis industry can be a challenge. There is no shortage of competition for jobs. You’ll be competing with professionals from many different industries and various skill sets.

Just like yourself, others are trying to enter the industry at the ground level to capitalize on it. Here are some tips to start your career in the cannabis industry:

  • Know your specialization: Do you want to work on the production, distribution, or business side? Customize your resume accordingly.
  • Focus on transferable skills: Not having experience is okay. What you do need to focus on are the transferable skills.
  • Are you the right fit culturally? Like many others, the cannabis industry has a distinct culture. Do you fit the culture? Do you have the right mindset?
  • Leverage related experience: If you have experience in plant production, supply chain, or other green industries, use it to your advantage. Highlight it in your resume and during interviews.

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Phil Frappier

Phil is a VP of Client Services with a focus in Technology, Digital Media, Telecom, and Cannabis recruitment. With over 12 years of executive search and recruitment experience, he has successfully delivered on hundreds of senior level searches in these areas.

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