As a Toronto recruitment agency, our team spends a lot of time on LinkedIn working with employers and candidates alike. So, we know a thing or two about LinkedIn etiquette. Just like anything else online, there are best practices. There is also a list of things or behaviours you should avoid, especially if you are actively looking to make a career move. 

We asked out recruiters to list some behaviours to avoid on LinkedIn. Here are the top things not to do:

toronto recruitment agency linkedin behaviour to avoid


Spamming people’s message inbox

Trying to make connections and grow your network is what people do on LinkedIn. But there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Sending out generic messages asking for something is not the best way to build your following. 

Trying to connect with everyone possible

Quality is better than quantity. So, take the time to develop real and meaningful connections, one person at a time. Remember, all you need is one great connection at the right time to make the next move in your career. 

Posting content that is not ideal for the platform

LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms. Even though some of the content from other sites has made its way over to LinkedIn, it’s still a professional platform. Avoid posting content that is overly personal in nature or unrelated to your career or profession. There should always be a purpose behind what you are sharing. If there isn’t, consider not posting it. 


You can share too much on LinkedIn. Avoid flooding the feed of others with your messages. You don’t need to share everything that you like or write too many content updates. This is different than other social profiles. Many recommended that you share a post 1 -2 times per day. 

Engaging in unprofessional behaviour

LinkedIn should reflect the professional version of yourself. So, avoid being unprofessional. Act on LinkedIn as you would at work or in a professional setting. Some behaviours to avoid include engaging in arguments, using profanity, or posting controversial content that can reflect poorly on your professional image.

Making false claims or misrepresenting yourself

Be your authentic self on LinkedIn. It’s important to be honest about your skills, experience, and achievements. Any false claims or exaggerations can damage your reputation and credibility.

How you behave on LinkedIn can affect your career. People will look at your profile. So will potential employers. If they see poor LinkedIn etiquette, it could have negative repercussions. 


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