Are you thinking about a career in financial services? Now is a good time to consider your career options in this area. Even amid the coronavirus pandemic, there are still many opportunities.

The financial services industry is one of the most important and impactful. It’s also one of the most diverse, with jobs in banking, insurance, accounting, investing, and digital commerce.

Professionals with finance and accounting experience have a broad range of skills that are applicable to many industries within the financial services sector.

financial recruiters explain why now is a good time to pursue a career in financial services insolvency bankruptcy

Here are 4 top reasons to consider a career in financial services:


Financial services companies are on the path to innovate. They are evolving with technology and, as a result, there is a variety of new jobs and roles opening up across the board. There are more and more people logging online, requesting customer service online, and using digital resources. This innovation will result in new roles for professionals within the industry.


A lot of things are changing in the financial services industry. This is not just because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many companies are making the shift to digital offerings and mobile applications. The need for online services, tools, and products to serve customers has only become more important during COVID-19.


It appears as though COVID-19, as well as the economy, is starting to stabilize. This means financial services companies will start to hire again. They will look to fill many different roles.

Variety of Roles

Financing services present candidates with many different roles that could match their skillset. They include:

  • Banking: personal banking, retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking
  • Insurance: health, business, life, home, auto, insurance brokers
  • Investment: investment broker, advisors, fund managers, venture capital

There are also many emerging roles that blend financial services and IT capabilities in the area of application development, financial software, digital services, and more.

More About Jobs in Finance

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