Has your organization shifted to video job interviews? Have you already been using them for some time as part of your recruitment strategy?

Whether you’ve started doing them because of strategy or circumstance, the shift to a video interview process has become essential, given the nature of this pandemic.

Like other interviewing formats, the goal is to help you identify top talent. Even though video interviews share similar strategies and characteristics as in-person interviews, there are also a number of differences.

Toronto recruiters explain how to conduct video interviews

What Are the Advantages of Video Interviews?

Video interviews offer many benefits, including:

  • They are ideal to interview candidates from other cities, locations
  • They are more effective and comprehensive than phone interviews
  • You can see how candidates react. You can assess body language
  • They are the closest thing to in-person interviews
  • They can reduce the time needed to hire

7 Tips to Create an Effective Video Job Interview Process

Use these tips to create a video interview process that will help you separate the top talent from the pack:

Choose the Right Video Software

Fortunately, there is a variety of video meeting and conferencing tools to choose from. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Explore your options and choose the software that has the tools, resources, and capabilities you need to meet your interviewing needs.

Know Who You Are Looking For – Who’s Your Ideal Candidate?

Regardless of the interview format you are using, you need to know who you are looking for. Have a defined ideal candidate. Know the skills, level of experience, and personality traits you are looking for. Create an ideal candidate checklist to compare candidates and take notes as you interview them.

Pre-screen on the Phone

Pre-screening is an effective way to identify if a candidate’s resume matches up to who they say they are. A quick 5- to 10-minute pre-screening phone call can help you identify candidates you want to speak with. Avoid spending your video interview time on candidates who may not be a good fit.

Consider Video Applications

Video can be used as part of the application process itself. You can request candidates to submit a video to introduce themselves. Ask them to answer your pre-screening questions. A video application will help you learn more about the candidate and allow you to assess their personality more effectively.

Choose the Right Format – One Way or Two Way Video?

Video job interviews take on one of two main formats. In one way video, you ask candidates to record themselves answering a list of questions you’ve provided. This can save time on your end, but you will not have any interaction with the candidate, and they can choose the best recordings to submit.

Two-way video is the most common type. It’s a live video call between you and the candidate. It happens in real time and is similar to an in-person interview. The format that is best for your company will depend on the role you are hiring for and other considerations.

Treat It Like an In-Person Interview

In-person interviews are one of the most effective ways to assess a candidate. So, treat your video interview like an in-person interview. Ask the same questions, follow the same process and include the same people. The only difference is instead of a candidate sitting across from you, it’ll be your computer.

Have a Back Up Plan

Technical issues are possible. It could happen on your end or it could be an issue with the candidate’s connection. Either way, have a built-in process for how to handle these situations. Provide this information to the candidate so they can reconnect with you as quickly as possible.

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