Video job interviews have become commonplace in recruiting. They are convenient, they are effective as a pre-screening tool, and they are ideal for out of town candidates.

As a job candidate going through the job search process, expect companies to use online video interviews. You need to know how to do them and do them well if you want to get an in-person interview.

Video interviews can be scary for many candidates. They can be live or recorded, and they can be done many ways – Skype, Google Hangouts, and on many devices – desktop, tablet, smartphone.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for and crush your next video job interview:

1. Learn the technology being used: The video technology used for interviews can vary. Take the time to learn and test out the technology being used for the interview beforehand.

2. Choose a quiet location: Location is important. Choose a quiet location where you will be free from background noise and distractions.

video interview

3. Do a mock video interview: A mock interview can help you work out the kinks in the technology. It can also help you get used to the camera and get over any nerves, especially if this is your first time doing a video job interview.

4. Have a plan B: Anything can happen with technology. Having a plan B is important. Have a backup device to use and have a call-in number if the video has glitches or stops working.

5. Test the equipment before the interview: Always spend some time testing the video software before the interview. Make sure your webcam is working properly. Test your microphone to ensure volume levels are good.

6. Turn off all distractions: Make sure to shut off your phone, close social media and other apps that could run in the background.

7. Dress the part: Unlike phone interviews, the interviewer can see you during the interview. You need to dress the part, so look presentable and maintain good posture at all times.

video job interview

8. Look directly into the camera: Treat the camera as if you were making eye contact with an interviewer in person. Don’t forget to use non-verbal cues, smile, nod, etc.

9. Use notes: A great benefit of video interviews is you can use notes. Just make sure not to look at them too much during the interview.

10. Treat it as an in-person interview: While it may be tough to act naturally when staring into a camera, do your best to treat a video interview as if you were meeting with the interviewer in person.

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