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5 Recruiting Tips for Attracting a Multigenerational Workforce

March 19th, 2020

How you recruit talent changes from generation to generation. Your messaging, process, and understanding of candidates changes with their generation. This makes recruiting so challenging. Today, you have to consider four generations of talent when recruiting:

  • Generation Z
  • Millennials
  • Generation X
  • Baby Boomers

Multigenerational talent recruitment is a key factor that will have an impact on recruiting practices in the next few years. There are advantages to having a diverse multigenerational workforce. According to Global Talent Trends 2020 report, 89% of companies believe it can help them be more successful.

“No matter how you’re defining the generations, their differences tend to be overstated and their similarities underplayed. Nonetheless, understanding where and how they do vary can help you build a team that successfully leverages the skill sets, perspectives, and experiences of workers across the age spectrum,” says Bruce Anderson on the LinkedIn Talent Blog.

The report identifies the key trends companies need to consider when looking for talent across multiple generations:

  • They have different skill sets: Each generation has unique skill sets. Blending these skill sets by hiring across multiple generations can help you broaden your company’s skill and knowledge base.
  • They have different career priorities: Generation Z values training, coaching, and mentorship more than previous generations. Boomers are more interested in working for a company that is aligned with their sense of purpose. All generations want to work for companies with great cultures and companies with inspiring leaders.
  • They make career moves for different reasons: Millennials are looking for advancement and better compensation. Generation X wants advancement and greater challenges. Boomers leave because they want to be challenged and want a role that matches their skills and interests.
  • They prioritize different benefits: Each generation wants good healthcare plans. But what is included in these plans differ.

The key message is to understand that each generation is unique. Treat them as such and adjust your approach accordingly.

Toronto recruitment agency gives tips on recruiting a multigenerational workforce

Tips to Attract Talent in a Multigenerational Workforce

  1. Find the right balance of talent between generations
  2. Adjust the means used to contact candidates based on generational preferences
  3. Consider working preferences when making job offers
  4. Offer professional development and growth opportunities at all levels
  5. Focus on creating a diverse organizational culture – including talent from multiple generations

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Kourtney Savona

Kourtney Savona

Kourtney is a top-performing recruiter focused on helping clients hire the best sales and operations candidates in the market. With 6+ years of experience, she specializes in recruiting Rockstar across many different industries in North America. Prior to becoming a recruiter, Kourtney started a career in sales. From door-to-door, hustling in the winters to becoming a top-performing sales representative for one of the largest telecom companies in Canada. Kourtney knows what separates a good salesperson from a great one. She has the ability to source exceptional candidates for complex roles using innovative, and creative out-of-the-box thinking. Kourtney earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship with Honors from the Goodman School of Business from Brock University.

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