Companies are in a battle for top tier talent. Those with comprehensive recruiting practices are more often than not the ones who come out on top. An effective recruiting process includes having a strong talent pipeline. You need to consistently be able to find and attract people to reduce talent gaps.

As a Toronto recruitment agency, we recommend these 6 ways to improve your talent pipeline:

1. Assess Your Current Practices

What are you currently doing to improve your talent pipeline? Which strategies are you using to attract talent? Is it working? It’s easy to get caught up in the process and overlook the importance of taking a step back. You may be able to find multiple ways to improve your pipeline by simply taking a closer look at it.

2. Improve Employer Branding

Without a strong employer brand, you will have a difficult time filling your talent pool. Improving your employer brand and how candidates perceive you can also help improve your talent pipeline.

3. Make It Easy for Talent

Make things as simple as possible for top talent. Be transparent. Be a place where people want to work. Have straightforward processes. Make it easy to apply for jobs and make it easy for top talent to network and connect with you. Create a great experience for talent, and they will want to work for you.

4. Always Be Networking

Always be on the lookout for great talent. Connect on LinkedIn, social media, at conferences, trade shows, job fairs, and anytime you’re doing business.  Reward employees for assisting in the process. Referrals are one of the most effective ways to fill an open position. Find a way to incentivize employees who provide referrals that you hire.

5. Don’t Forget About Passive Candidates

A strong pipeline with be filled with a mix of candidate types, including passive candidates. This is particularly important when unemployment rates are low and there are fewer available candidates. Passive candidates can be your best leads – they just take longer to come to fruition.

Toronto recruiters explain how to improve your talent pipeline

6. Learn From Your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. You hire the wrong person.  A top talent slips through your fingertips. A great employee exits the company. It happens. But you need to learn from your mistakes so it doesn’t continue to happen. Track your recruiting efforts to know what is and is not working. Adjust your strategy accordingly to ensure you are attracting the right candidates, consistently filling your talent pool, and capitalizing when the right talent is available.

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