So, you’ve applied for a job. It’s an opportunity you are excited about. Perhaps you spoke with a recruiter or hiring manager and have had an interview. You think things are going well. Some time passes, and things are at a standstill. You tell yourself that “hiring takes time” and you continue to wait it out. Persistence pays off, right? Not always.

is it time to give up on a new job opportunity

There is a point of diminishing returns when waiting on a new job opportunity. You should never wait too long without exploring other opportunities or you could be missing out on other jobs that could be just as good a fit, if not better.

Sometimes persistence won’t pay off if you really want a job. It is an unfortunate part of the job search process sometimes. You will get more rejections than job offers. Here’s how to tell when it’s time to move on:


1. You haven’t heard from them for weeks

It is common to wait a little while between the time when you have a job interview and when an employer will reconnect with you. If you were one of the first to be interviewed, it could be a few weeks before you hear from them. It is a good idea to always ask when you can expect to hear from the hiring company at the end of the interview if they don’t mention it to you. This will give you a timeline for when to expect a follow-up. If you don’t hear back from them in that timeframe, then it’s a good indication it’s time to move on.

2. The job gets reposted

While you are waiting to hear from an employer, you should always keep looking. Other good opportunities could arise. So, keep an eye on the job listings. But, if you notice the employer re-lists the job you applied for, then it’s a sign for you to move on.

3. They don’t contact your references

It is common for employers to request your references if they are interested in you after you have a job interview. But, if they don’t contact your references, it is a sign that you may no longer be in the running for the position.

4. The communication and tone change

When you first engage with a hiring manager, they may be responsive and excited. They see you as a potential fit for the job. But recently, they are not communicating as much and their tone has changed. This is commonly a sign they may have found a more qualified candidate and you are no longer in the running for the job.

5. They are doing another round of interviews

This could mean they like you, but they are still looking for someone else. Perhaps they want someone with more experience, more advanced skills, or they just want to keep the job open until they find someone that meets all of their requirements.

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