Staying on schedule can be a challenge when conducting job interviews.  Many hiring managers have trouble keeping interviews within the allotted time slot. Some of the blame can be placed on the interviewer, but some of the blame can also be placed on candidates who are too talkative.

“One of the most frequent pain points I hear from hiring managers and interviewers involves dealing with candidates who, frankly, talk too much. It may sound trivial, but this is a widespread problem that can significantly impact your ability to assess candidates effectively,” says Jordan Burton on the LinkedIn Talent Blog.

Here are 5 tricks from Toronto recruiters to keep your job interview on track:

1. Be realistic with your time

Job interview on track

Hiring managers need to be realistic with what they can get accomplished during their interview time slot. If you set aside 30 minutes, be realistic about how many questions and the type of assessment you will be able to complete. Set a time based on the type of role you’re hiring for. Generally, more advanced positions require more time.

2. Ask fewer, more important questions

If you are having issues completing interviews on time, consider cutting back on the number of questions you ask. Rather, focus on asking the most important questions first, keeping the chit chat to a minimum. If you get through the important questions, you can ask additional questions if you have extra time.

3. Book a second interview

Many companies hold a second round of interviews. If you have an interest in a candidate, but you feel you still want to learn more, book them for a second interview. You can follow up with the questions you didn’t get to in the first interview.

4. Set expectations with the candidate

At the beginning of the interview, make it clear that you have a lot you want to get through in a short period of time. Communicate that you want concise answers.

5. Interrupt and transition

Interrupting and transitioning to the next question can help you keep on track. Once you get the response you want, politely and enthusiastically interrupt.

Burton explains:

“I may interrupt a candidate 10, 20 or more times. And I don’t mean apologetic, ‘if-you-don’t-mind-me-jumping-in’ kind of interruptions—I mean bold, unabashed, talking-over-them kinds of interruptions. What is fascinating is that most candidates are not even aware that it is happening, because my interruptions come from a place of deep curiosity and enthusiasm. My face and my words essentially communicate, ‘I am so interested in your story that I can’t help myself!’”

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