Year-end performance reviews are common. They provide employers and employees with a structured way to look back on the year that was and identify what you did well and areas where you can improve. It can also help you shape your goals for the upcoming year. Depending on the year you had, you may or may not be looking forward to your review.

No one wants to get a less-than-favourable performance review, but it happens. Getting scored lower than you anticipated can be tough to deal with. But you have to deal with it nonetheless. So, you might as well deal with it the right way to develop some positive momentum in the new year. 

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Use these concrete steps from our software recruiters if you didn’t like your year-end performance review:

Take a Deep Breath and Stay Calm 

Receiving a poor review can be a shock. You may feel mad, upset, and emotional. But before you do anything, it’s a good idea to take a deep breath and try to remain calm. Let it breathe. Read your review a few times. Reflect on the feedback you received. Consider both the positive and negative aspects and try to understand the reasons behind the feedback before you react to it. 

Objectively Review and Reflect – Be Honest With Yourself

It’s essential to stay positive and take a proactive approach to making improvements and addressing the feedback. Show that you are committed to your professional growth and to making a positive impact within the organization. Try to be as objective as you can. Be honest with yourself about areas you can improve. 

Schedule a Follow-Up Meeting

Request a follow-up meeting with your supervisor to discuss your review. This shows initiative and a willingness to improve. During the meeting, you can also express your dedication to your role and the company. 

During the meeting, it’s important to be open to constructive feedback. Again, try to be objective and see things from all perspectives. 

Seek Clarification On Anything Unclear

If there are aspects of the feedback that are unclear, reach out to your supervisor or HR department for clarification. Ask for specific examples and details to better understand the areas that need improvement.

Focus on the actionable feedback that will help you improve. Identify specific steps you can take to address the concerns raised during the review.

Create a Development Plan

Based on your review and the feedback you’ve received, develop an improvement plan. Outline concrete steps and set realistic goals to address the issues highlighted in the performance review. This proactive approach demonstrates your commitment to growth.

Explore Training Opportunities

If there are specific skills or areas where improvement is needed, inquire about training opportunities. This could involve workshops, courses, or mentorship programs that can enhance your skills.

Consider a Mentor 

Seek out a mentor within the company who can provide guidance and support as you work to improve your performance. A mentor can offer valuable insights and advice based on their experience.

Remember, a performance review is an opportunity for growth, and by taking these steps, you can demonstrate your commitment to improvement and enhance your professional development.


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Cam Whalen Financial Recruiter

Cam Whalen

Cam is a Director, Client Services at IQ PARTNERS FinTech and Financial Services, & Insurance team. Born and raised in New Zealand, Cam completed a Commerce Degree with a double major in Commercial Law & Marketing before getting into the world of recruitment.

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