It’s hiring season once again. Canada’s job market is looking up! This is news our executive search team in Toronto loves to hear. And, I’m sure you do too, especially if you are thinking about making a career move. Below, I’ll provide a snapshot of Canada’s job market as we head into the summer.

Canada Adds More Jobs Than Expected

Canada added 90,000 new jobs in April. This was more than four times more than the predicted 20,000. Much of this growth was driven by the private sector. There were also increases in the public sector, and self-employment numbers remained steady. 

“The federal agency pinned the increases in employment on part-time work, with more than 50,000 more of those types of positions. There were more jobs in the professional, scientific and technical services industries,” says Anis Heydari from CBC News

“As well, employment for those aged 15 to 24 went up by 40,000 in April, the first monthly increase for that demographic since December 2022,” he adds.

This is good news for those looking to search for a job. However, your industry, demographics, and location will play a role in job availability. 

Canada’s Job Market By The Numbers

The Labour Force Survey, April 2024 provides key insights into the job growth in Canada. 

Job growth by industry

  • Professional, scientific and technical services (+26,000; +1.3%) 
  • Accommodation and food services (+24,000; +2.2%)
  • Health care and social assistance (+17,000; +0.6%)
  • Natural resources (+7,700; +2.3%)

There was a noted decline in utilities (-5,000; -3.1%).

Job growth by gender and age group

  • Men 25 to 54 years old (+41,000; +0.6%)  
  • Women 25 to 54 years old (+27,000; +0.4%) 
  • Male youth aged 15 to 24 (+39,000; +2.8%)
  • Female youth (aged 15 to 24) had little change
  • Men aged 55 and older had little change 

There was a decline among women aged 55 and older. They saw a decline of 16,000 jobs (-0.8%)

Job growth by province

  • Ontario (+25,000; +0.3%)
  • British Columbia (+23,000; +0.8%)
  • Quebec (+19,000 +0.4%)
  • New Brunswick (+7,800; +2.0%) 
  • There was little change in the other provinces

The Employment Rate Holds Steady

After 6 months of decline, the employment rate held steady at 61.4%. The unemployment rate also held at 6.1% in April, the same as it was in March. This comes after months of slow increases since January 2023. 

A reason for job growth without a drop in the unemployment rate is strong population growth in the country. 

Companies are hiring once again. There are more jobs available, making it a great time to search for a job in Canada and explore your options. Reach out to our executive search team if you are looking for an executive-level position. 


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