The recruiting process helps you identify a group of potential candidates for the job. After a series of interviews and interactions, it often comes down to two candidates. But what if both are great prospects with seemingly the same credentials? They each seem like a great fit. How do you choose between them?

Well, first off, you’re in a good position. If you have two great candidates, you’re doing well with your approach to recruiting. Here are some options to help you choose between two great candidates:

1. Another Round of Testing

Consider having the candidates undergo another round of testing. According to Toronto recruiters, you can use the test to assess the skills and knowledge areas that are most important for the role. If you’ve already done some testing as part of the interview process, consider testing that is more practical, perhaps a function of the job or something that simulates the work they would be doing if they were hired.

2. Have an Informal Meeting

Rather than meet in the same place, consider doing another round of interviews in a less formal atmosphere. Invite the candidate to come in and meet some of the people they would be working with and get some input from your team.

You could also take them out for coffee, or even plan a lunch. The more relaxed atmosphere will get them to let down their guard somewhat, and you will get to see their personality more.

3. Ask Each One Why They Should Be the One You Hire

Asking this question should offer some insight into the candidate’s desire to get the job. This will encourage the candidate to explain, in greater detail, the skills and other things they can bring to the role. Encourage them to explain how they are unique and share their key differentiators, both personal and professional.

4. Consider Hiring Both Candidates

If you have two great candidates who can benefit your organization, consider the option of hiring both of them. This is particularly an option if your company plans to grow in the near future. Great talent is tough to find today, and if you are lucky enough to come across two great candidates, adding both of them can give your company a great boost.


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