Summer is finally here! It’s a time of the year when recruitment tends to slow down – there’s commonly a summer lull. People are on vacation, and companies and candidates tend to take their feet off the gas. But this situation creates an opportunity for those who choose to push forward. Some companies continue to hire and some people continue to look for jobs. 

For years, I’ve seen many companies find great talent during summer recruitment. The same can be said for job candidates. Those who press on can find career-changing opportunities. 

Below, I’ll talk about how the summer job market is unique and why employers should continue to hire and candidates should continue to look for jobs. 

4 Things to Know About the Summer Job Market

The summer job market is a unique time during the year. Here are some trends our Toronto recruitment agency typically sees about the job market during the summer:

  1. Seasonal hiring increases: Certain industries, such as hospitality, tourism, retail, and agriculture, see a significant increase in hiring during the summer months. These industries often add thousands of jobs during the summer to accommodate the seasonal demand.
  2. Companies hire interns: Many companies focus on hiring interns and entry-level employees during the summer. It’s a good time for recent graduates to search for jobs. 
  3. There is a hiring slowdown in certain sectors: Some sectors, such as professional services experience a slowdown in hiring during the summer. This is often due to the vacation schedules.
  4. There’s an increase in temporary and part-time jobs: This trend is particularly evident in the retail, food services, and recreation sectors. Our recruiters see a higher demand for temporary workers during this period.

How Can Employers Capitalize on the Summer Job Market?

Some companies report difficulties in hiring during the summer. Many people put their job search on hold until the fall. However, our recruitment team has found that companies that hire in the summer can capitalize on the lull in the market:

  1. Fewer companies reduce the amount of competition for talent
  2. There are still loads of great people willing to make a move in the summer
  3. You have an advantage over other companies who don’t prioritize recruitment during this time of the year
  4. You’ll have your finger on the pulse of the market and you’ll be even more ready to hire in the fall if you don’t have summer success. 

Why Should Candidates Stay Focused on Their Job Search in the Summer?

Sometimes you had to go against the grain to put yourself in a great position to capitalize. Here is why candidates should continue to look for a job during the summer:

  1. A lot of people stop looking during the summer because they think companies stop hiring. Use this to your advantage. The candidate pool will thin out, increasing your odds. 
  2. Many top-tier companies continue to hire. There are still lots of great opportunities.
  3. Even if you can find the permanent role you want, there is plenty of seasonal and part-time work to help you gain experience and keep money coming in. 

A Final Word About How To Capitalize On The Summer Job Market Lull

Be the client who keeps hiring and be the candidate who keeps their foot on the gas of their job search. You’ll find each other, making that extra effort during the summer well worth it. Reach out to our recruiter to take your recruiting or job search to the next level. 

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Danielle Bosley Toronto Recruiter

Danielle Bosley

Danielle is a Recruitment Consultant with our Accounting and Finance team, primarily focused on placing talent with mid-sized public accounting firms. Danielle has five years of experience in the recruitment industry, starting out as a recruitment coordinator and growing into a recruitment and candidate sourcing specialist.

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